Manny & TBJZL reveal racism in grassroots football | Sky Sports News Tackling Racism

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Under The Radar FC’s Manny and TBJZL reveal the extent of racism within grassroots level football, and give their thoughts on what needs to be done to stamp out racism in the game.

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  1. Although I absolutely love this movement it's amazing but why when there's a post about ending homophobia in football majority of the comments were leave politics out of football. This isn't any different to racism and I really hope that people will see that soon

  2. Black people are literaly the biggest cry babies that ever lived.
    Your father or grandfather came to England for a better life, then you are born there, learn their culture and language, make it YOUR culture and language and cry racism for what? Few jokes?
    "Hurr the guy couldnt find my brothers name on the list".
    Maybe he literaly just could not find it?
    Maybe the way your accent is different made him look at it from other way?
    Or maybe he just doesnt like black people?
    We are gonna cry because of that?
    Man please, you blacks and muslims have it the best in europe, if you dont like it your mother africa and asia are waiting.

  3. Not all comments about ethnicity is indicative of racial inferiority/superiority narratives.
    That being said, I am an immigrant of the UK and get xenophobic, ethnic, cultural, ignorant comments thrown my way, especially where I am a minority (Leicester).
    I see the same for my polish friends.

    It all needs to stop.

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