'Man of the people is an act' says Subianto about Widodo – Indonesia elections – BBC News

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The Indonesian presidential candidate, Prabowo Subianto, says will accept the result of this week’s election and return to private life if he’s defeated. The official result is not due until July 22 and both candidates are claiming victory based on unofficial tallies. In a BBC interview, Mr Prabowo – a former general – alleged that polling organisations giving his rival the lead were partisan and were trying to manipulate perceptions. Both sides have sent their supporters to monitor the vote count. The former governor of Jakarta, Joko Widodo, had a slight lead in the polls before the election. He portrayed himself as a man of the people and his rival as a bastion of the establishment.

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  1. Sudah jelas sekali, ini orang sangat Ngacok !!! Akal sehat nya ntah kemana alias GILA ngk tau malu ,,,, mengatakan orang indonesia dungu ,pemalas Dll.
    Pantes ja ngk ada yg pro ke PS 02,kecuali kaum Radikal dan Anarkis .
    Menjijikan sekali anda PS beserta pengikut nya, seperti orang2 pesakitan semua.

  2. If you fines then be happy then… why still this and that and etc coming up!! Said not believing on this and no believing in that and this is not good and this not blabla… show your colour and that’s really embarrassing for us, as Indonesian!
    Indonesia is Democrat country and got UUD also PANCASILA but where… do you still Believing on all of that Mr Prabowo?!! I can’t see at all

  3. Yeah exactly… we are not that stupid anymore after 1998 revolution and no one will be forgotten sir, and you put us on games?! We are human beings and no need bring us to your games of politics! Where you’re heart and where there sportive of games.. how could be when we are winning and what we could do when we lose!! Not happy on everything that show clear.. if you want be the one! Greedy 🙏😪

  4. Saya semakin percaya bahwa pemimpin yang baik adalah yang mampu mengendalikan ucapan dan perilakunya, sebab ia adalah role-model yang mutlak akan menciptakan narasi di kalangan pengikutnya melalui semua detil ucapan dan perilakunya itu, baik disadari maupun tidak. Pemimpin yang mengendalikan dirinya adalah cerminan bahwa ia peduli pada keharmonisan dan keutuhan dibandingkan kepentingan dirinya sendiri. Semangat!

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