Man fighting return to prison: I'm very scared

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Demetrius Anderson walked out of a Connecticut state prison in 2006. Eight US Marshals came to his home in 2019 and insisted he come with them to court because he still had a 16-month federal sentence to serve for crimes he committed in Philadelphia.

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  1. Just checkin to see if anyone even listens to CNN the FAKE NEWS NETWORK anymore. They have lied and cheated their viewers for nearly three years now, feeding them nothing but lies and propaganda. Knowing all along that they are trying to shield the Democrats from the prosecutions that are on the way. Treason very soon CNN. We will see if you have any Cohones left to do some real reporting and real journalism. Your viewers are leaving you hand over fist, so might be in your best interest to report real news with real facts, rather than being the ECHO CHAMBER of the Globalist leftist socialists.

  2. So Jesse Smollett gets all charges dropped from a fake hate crime with 16 felony indictments. But this guy has to go back to jail 13 years later after being released? Wtf

  3. the biggest joke on TV CNN. fakest fake news on TV CNN. 3 years of a scam we had to listen to now you can't deny it. stopped watching CNN long before that. but there are these stories all over Facebook and Twitter Instagram and YouTube about CNN and MSNBC. all the comedy shows at night repeat the same joke. you cannot deny it cannot deny it you cannot

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