Linux Gaming: DXVK, Wine, and Lutris (Part 2 of 4)

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  1. I so want this to work, get back a little of my privacy.
    But I can never get it working, ubuntu runs brilliantly on my laptop even wine and some weaker games, but on desktop it seems everything I do breaks my os and I go back to windows.

  2. Guys please help, I am not able to record overwatch on Linux, using OBS. I tried windows capture and display capture both (Nvidia 1050ti). When in borderless windowed mode it just doesnt record when i go to the game screen, on fullscreen mode it just shows black screen with pointer.

  3. Brilliant vids and I can't wait for the follow ups.
    Couple of points though; 1.perhaps you should show your wiki guide on the videos when it's relevant, makes it a tad easier for non native Linux folk and a bit more plugging 😉.
    2. Give yourselves a hugemongous pat on the back for the content you guys provide, it's been mega helpful to me (without the wiki).
    3. Keep the mentality you guys have, to see some of the comments relating to LTT & GN watchers on part 1 was off-putting tbh

  4. Spend all day with trying to launch Battlefield 4 on Fedora 29. Till now – no luck. And had constant fear to fu*** up the system because reinstalling of all tools for my programming tasks is a pain. Switched to Linux from Windows a week ago. Sure.. kinda disapointment there because of many many details. But at least all tools for programming works perfectly instead of Windows. Thinking to write Ansible playbook for full system setup.

  5. I have a Windows gaming rig and a capable of gaming Linux rig. Built the Linux rig to support the community and would like to see Linux gaming become mainstream. But I have realized that "AAA Studio's" have no interest or our to lazy. DX 11 should've been dead years ago but dev's still release games using the outdated API. If they are not motivated to make smaller changes….

  6. The idea of being able to use dxvk to play windows games on linux is pretty nice however anytime Ive tried to install the files libvulkan1 mesa-vulkan-drivers vulkan-utils it simply refuses to install them then I can never do a vulkan install because those files arent there to use .

  7. Dead channel? I keep checking back here and part 3 is just never here. It's literally been over two months. Many people are commenting asking where part 3 is and they're not getting any answers. This comment will likely get no reply either. What's going on? Did somebody die?

  8. Today, i started using ubuntu again after a lot of years, because windows has been a headache with my hardware… Everything is fine now, and ironicly, everything runs better under wine, including games, so i'm very happy with linux right now, i hope it keeps getting better.

  9. Nice to see Linux gaming has made some good headway. I gave up on windows in 2001. Been running Gentoo most of the time since then. Haven't been in the game scene for awhile now… But might have to get back into it.

  10. Where are Parts 3&4!? These are really great videos and I want to learn more. I've bounced back and forth between Linux and Windows 6 times…. I keep going back to Windows solely because it is easier to play some of my favorite games. So far this series has me convinced now might be the time to go back to Linux for good!

  11. I've been fiddling around with linux on and off since years.
    Never managed to fully switch but I always tried again and again, because I love the OS and the freedom to tinker, just as much as the community.

    Been trying Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch, Solus, all kinds of DEs and stuff, kinda stayed with arch because I just love unbloated systems and the sense of having a controlled environment where I know what is installed, what is running etc. Many linux distros by default are, well, bloated is a strong word, but lets say fit to a user group of more casual pc users, windows/mac switchers and the like. We need distros like these because everyone should have a way to find their ideal linux OS, but for me they are just a bit too bloated. I wish there was an arch-like ultra minimal version of say Fedora, because I love their way of doing things.

    Recently I installed arch on an old laptop and planned out a ryzen apu mini itx pc to solely run linux as my main tinker, coding and surfing station. My big old chunky pc has gotten a reinstall of Windows LTSB, replaced Windows Desktop completely by kodi + steam big picture and moved the whole thing next to the tv. I'm really happy with this experiment so far, and would love to stay on linux for the future for real now!

    With said arch build, I tried out wayland, found out about sway (since I was a fan of i3 anyway) and fell in love with it. Its all really quite stable and for me its gotta be one of the most productive desktop I can configure. But I'll see. I'll try out other distros again and again, they all have their awesome parts. Maybe I'll end up with fedora + sway, who knows. Or just stay with solus because budgie is amazing too? The linux journey sure is an exciting one everytime and time again!

    I can't wait to see more of your videos Wendell. Always enjoyed your talks back on other youtube channels, but only found this amazing community here just now. Have learned a whole lot just from this video, never even heard of Lutris and dxvk even though I did tons of trials and errors with wine before xD Can't wait to learn more about the exciting future of linux, and dive head first into more things to learn and hopefully comtribute a bit back. Sometimes I wished I concentrated more on C++ than php/java though, for these kind of things 😉

    edit: I just found out about the "Alternative Fedora Downloads" (not the spins), and especially Fedora Everything sounds like something I should try out!
    What I desire is a distribution that is modern in terms of kernel/driver support yet stable and not bleeding edge (but close). A distribution that doesn't ship millions of userland packages like Libre Office etc that I will remove anyway, thus something similar to Arch in the sense that I have a base that I can install my own desktop environment on.
    Yes Arch served me well on that, but I would like to use a more solid base environment. Some things in arch are so minimal when you start out, like network support, audio support etc (since you have to set them up yourself) and I'm tired of finding a decent solution for those more system-related things.
    With Fedora Everything maybe, I hope I can do something that gives me a solid, well working base, where audio, network, drivers etc just work, and I can then install wayland, sway and everything I need. That would seem ideal to me (as of now).

  12. do rgb keyboard drivers next video i could not get them working i found a open source program to control them but it's hard for someone like me to get working i have a msi gpu and a asus rog mother board so if you can get your linux magic to work there to that would be nice RGBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB AWAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! ….what is my life

  13. For the longest time.. I have always wanted to get my home network 100% Linux.. however gaming has been the only reason I haven't converted my gaming rig to Linux. I spent the last few years now trying to get the long list of games I play to play in Linux. A small few work, but the majority has been an issue.. most of which is because of the anti-cheat not working under Linux. Proton has come a long way though it still has a long way to go. I will continue to try off an on as strides are made for more game support. Great video by the way Wendell! 🙂

  14. The main thing that has kept me on windows is games. I been wanting to completely switch over to linux for a long time now. And today after all this new information and technology has came out. I am going to give it a try again. Just installed ubuntu and getting things set up 🙂

  15. could someone link me to wendells credentials? He seems very knowledgeable and professional, unlike every other "tech" personality on youutbe, however I still need to make sure he has the proper background before subscribing.

  16. 146/5000
    excuse me but I installed mint cinnamon instead of ubuntu on virtual machine but does not let me install windows applications with wine, like tells me that wine is crashed. how could i solve?

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