Lindsey Graham's stern advice to Trump

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Sen. Lindsey Graham pleads with President Trump to reverse course on withdrawing ground forces from Syria.


  1. Now, Lynn wants to go back and revisit "Obama-Clinton" scandals. Really! Well, when the had both chambers he should have proposed that. What the hell is this fool smoking or drinking with those blood shot eyes? Maybe they need to look into his background and find out what men he's been sleeping with? Not that it's important. LOL I think he's lost it. I'm trying to figure out how that's suppose to help current 45 out of a mess he created for himself.

  2. President Donald Trump, really doesn't think "Too Highly", of "90 Year Old Geezer"!, Sen. Lindsay Graham, except, he'd better sure the POTUS', Shoes, are "Spit Shined"!, and ready for the President to wear to dinner tonight!

  3. Pres. Trump should take no advice from Graham and I'm sure he takes it with a grain of salt. Graham is on the same grounds as Flake, Collins, Corker, Little Mario, and McCain (may he be tormented in Hell)

  4. Lindsay’s arguments are flawed. Logic is absent. Totally group thinker like the rest of the herd. Trump has a nice herd for white folk, so I don’t think I’m being little.

  5. But by trespassing on innocent people, we provoke. We evoke confusion. Forget the money. We will be respected. Set up a my camps or Olympic sports centers here in the US. Foreigners can still get their ads kicked if they fuck around.

  6. US troops in the Middle East is required by Israel. Does Lindsey Graham work for the real American interest? Or is that LOBBY too powerful for POTUS?

  7. This asshole needs to retire go home and we'll forget his hypocritical ass in less than 2 seconds. Basically he's another republican asshole that wants to take your social security away, fuck your health insurance so you can't afford it and sell off what trump hasdn't already sold to the russians or china….FUCK HIM IN THE GODDAMN NECK

  8. Afganistan wasn't because we left them alone. It was a failure in Intelligence. The failure to share their learning to fly (not concerned with landing) by the head people of one government agency powers to other agency powers is why 9/11 happened. I do agree we need diplomacy bgbf (baby girl boy friend). And bgbf, Mattis is gone dummy!

  9. Iran will run over all those countries fool! We'll be in Saudi Arabia pushing outwards and leaving millions without homes, food or liberty (what little they do have). You're all idiots for getting in, Kurds have been screwed many times and are idiots and worst of all tRump is the biggest idiot. Can you say Viet Nam? President Obama did listen to general's just not you! We never left Iraq entirely. We know this bf!

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