Lindsey Graham on when full Mueller report will be released

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Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) tells CNN’s Kate Bolduan that the full Mueller report will probably be released within the next month as Attorney General Bill Barr prepares to deliver the report to Congress. #CNN #News


  1. My god !! This retarded cunt is so triggered and sounds so manipulatively maniacal, audaciously unintelligible, lethargically anencephalic, phlegmatically naive, feeble minded, narcissistic sociopathic!! Clearly she needs to be grabbed by the pussy and lighten the fuck up!!!

  2. So grand jury information can be hidden from Congress? National security is hidden from congress? He said release it because Barr will already remove what Trump tells him to remove…….BSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  3. Lets make sure that America never forgets what these russian stooges did to America. Time for millions to march on washington and shut down this terrorist GOP organization.

  4. Barr can't, couldn't and wouldn't lie about the report people. He can't. Reasons are very simple….1. He kept Rosenstein on the case and by the way Rosenstein had to sign off on it. Why would Rosenstein sign off on something that Barr is lying about. There are others also.

  5. AG Bill Barr can read a 300+ page, 2 year investigation report and write a summary in 48 hours that clears the Trump campaign of any links to Russia, yet it will take weeks and maybe months to redact anything Barr and the Trump administration may find incriminating…
    The cover up continues.

  6. The Mueller report seemed to be very reminiscent of the WMD'S in Iraq. I think the people were suppose to be afraid that Trump was a Russian asset & fan the flames for a possible Russian invasion. They have alot of land & oil. We all know now that Trump & most of both parties are owned by Israel. So who cares about the Mueller report?

  7. Muller obviously had concerns about being able to convict, that is not the same as being convinced that the president obstructed justice. Muller must have had strong reasons to toss this statement into the mix. Let us not forget the facts revealed of Russian contacts Jr, Manafort, Kushner, etc. The investigation was started because the president and his affiliates quacked like ducks, walked like ducks, and looked like ducks. Turns out they were not Ducks but Goose-Steppers.

  8. So, Ms. Lindsey, in other words, We are not going to get the truth of any of the Mueller report on anything that Barr can take out to make Trump look good. Well, we all know that Barr's son-in-law was hired, by Trump, as a favor for Barr to lie for him regarding the report. Also, you took a lot of money from Russia too, and now you Republicans don't want to know anymore about the Russia probe. I used to have so much respect for you, but you have been kissing Trump's ass just to not let a secret that Trump knows on you get out, that people are not going to like you anymore.

  9. Lindsey Graham better wake up also. He like Trump has changed his mind way too many times, today it is this tomorrow it is something else. I do not trust him any father than you can throw a fairy phart. The man is not at all being totally truthful, seems to run in the Republican party. This country is in trouble and it will get worse unless the people wake up.

  10. CNN has absolutely abandoned journalism for propaganda
    CNN is a BIG FAKE NEWS PROVIDER and purveyor of brainwashing liberal propaganda.
    CNN has the credibility of a tabloid, such as National Enquirer. I don't go to CNN for my news… I don't watch CNN and haven't for the last 2 yrs.

  11. Graham spends his time licking Trump's balls… South Carolina ranks close to last when it comes to education and GDP per capita. Idiot Graham needs to spend more time improving the quality of life for people in South Carolina.

  12. Jesus, he is an absolute wanker, lies upon lies. He is rotten to the core. And he is not married? And no girfriends/boyfriends? A paedophile no question. Ask Graham about his sexual preferences, the fucking paedo cunt.

  13. Graham is ensuring we will never see the actual Mueller report. Graham, the man who barked abuse at Christine Blasey Ford, is having dinner with the man who will now provide us with his version of the Mueller report. This whole GOP stinks. Vote that cunt out in November 2020.

  14. Get rid of these CNN bimbo journalists. First question: Senator Graham: do you think it is appropriate for you, a staunch supporter of Trump, to have dinner with the Attorney General?

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