Lehman Brothers’ Last Weekend

Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy on Sept. 15, 2008, jolting the firm’s 28,000 employees. A decade later, former employees remember the collapse and reflect on what it meant for them.


  1. This is just the story of right before and right after, it doesn't talk about the thousands that were fired during the months before the bankruptcy or, that Lehman made all (or almost all) of the Associates 2 redundant throughout the bank because of the backlash they had experienced after the 2000/2001 crisis when they had decided to fire all the Associate 1 which pissed off the top american universities who had just given MBAs to these Associates. Therefore, top american universities decided to ban Lehman Brothers from their recruitment events on their campuses … So, when you can't fire Associates 1, who do you fire, the second year associates.

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