Las Vegas Shooting called an “act of pure evil” by President Donald Trump – BBC News

US President Donald Trump has called the shooting an “act of pure evil”.

Speaking at the White House, he described the emergency response as “miraculous” and said the speed with which the shooter was found saved lives.

The president expressed his condolences to the victims’ families.

He said: “We are praying for you and we are here for you. God lives in the hearts of those who grieve.”

He added that he will visit Las Vegas on Wednesday.

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  1. Thank God for a president who prays.. I truly believe our godly leader is the only reason God has not passed judgement on America.. I pray EVERY SAY for this President… this nation has turned its back on God .. look what happened to Israel when they rejected Him.. Americans; get on your knees and repent .. ask God to spare our nation from his terrible judgment… pray and teach your children to pray… I love you America and all Americans.. Pray for your president

  2. For all of you who do not know what a terrorist is I will tell you terrorists are people or groups of people who commit horrible acts of violence for a political or religious belief

  3. I personally beleave that Americans peoples' must carry a gun for a self defences purposes,specially today that's people's from abroad are stabbings.It's difficult to understands if the guy who brought the guns are insane or not,just look those days,a normally American man,but I still believes that people's needs a gun nowadays!

  4. God is not for the Wicked Country of America and any hearts that The Most High God is in? Is his chosen people's Israel of the KJV 1611 bible (Hebrew Israelites), NOT THE FAKE ASHKENAZI JEWISH IN THE LAND OF ISRAEL or anywhere where these false fake Jewish people the seeds of Japeth (son of Noah), have planted themselves in this earth? They're the ANTICHRIST!! And everything about this Las Vegas shooting Massacre are all lies and the people were just dummy actors? There was no real gun shots been fired? It's just another way of kerbing gun control and bring in Marshall Law and eventually they will confiscate guns from your home whether you have licence OR NOT?? AMERICA TIME IS UP SHE'S ON HER LAST LEGS!!

    KJV Bible 1611

    Revelation 2:9-10

    Donald Trump should not even mention God out of his mouth because GOD does not bless No Snakes of America you can bet your bottom dollar on that for sure?

    KJV 1611

    Psalms 2:4

    “He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.”

  5. "pure evil" lol. where is the world terror or terrorist? cause he's american he's just evil ha? if he was muslim i bet on my life that trump and the media would have different terms to use and have different reactions. this is just pathetic. orlando shooting was terror and this was pure evil, yeah? and where is gun control? at this rate the record for deadliest shootings will continue to be broken and the number of terrorist attacks will continue while leaders are just saying the same shit everytime like sending their condolences and all that if nothing is being done. these attacks are just too mainstream and it shouldn't. there should always be actions t avoid them from happening again. but hey, leaders just want to do the talking part of their job and thats it. this world is fucked

  6. This is why Obama was trying to get more gun laws in place. You can't bring these poor souls back by lowering a flag. You could give the country more comfort by bringing in better gun laws.

  7. Pandering to the media, the public and to the nation with gospel verses does nothing, nor will empty promises after yet another mass shooting, nor will stating how strong we apparently are with pointless sycophantic statements. Until our corrupt greedy self serving government stops suckling the teet of gun companies and appeasing the gun nuts by implementation of reasonable gun control measures which demand registration across the board, limit access and amount of guns owned and require just reason for any ownership this senseless act will just repeat itself again and again. My thoughts and prayers are with those involved.

  8. Life is cheap, a deluded delusional maniac, destroyed lives.
    For what? Shock horror hate,
    Cause this is thrown in our faces everyday divide = chaos =more suffering. No one in this world can see hate reigns ( through our Government's and media) so realise self without ego we all want peace and care for all.
    All life seems to just say "I WANT", WELL NO ONE WANTS THIS.. Truly evil.
    My thoughts are with all those who suffered.
    I'm not a Liberal.

  9. Comments are allowed? Ah yes, of course, shooter not muslim, black or brown.
    Al Beeb is a loathsome bunch that us Brits are forced to fund.
    I left my dislike, didn't watch and moved to an actual news outlet.

  10. You know what people should really out a stop to trumps bullshit speeches where he uses manipulative wording and utter nonsense. When all the ugly bastatd needs to do is ban guns mate. If you allow a fucked up nation like America to have guns this is what you get. And a yellow dotard chatting shit about praying Nd not getting anything done. Peace

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