Laptop + Tablet = Slate, the Computer You Need Now

They’re light, they’re powerful and they last all day. WSJ’s David Pierce evaluates the latest batch of PCs that can be a laptop one minute and a tablet the next, and explains which might be best for you. Photo/Video: Emily Prapuolenis/The Wall Street Journal

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  1. Good advice except that I burned those devices down, they have no cooling fans and I use them intensively basically they either go at base clock to lower temperature or go into shock protection, they are ok for light office use not as a workstation.

  2. I love that the iPad is not part of this review. It’s not a laptop. No matter what apple tells you. I love my iPad Pro but I wish it had mouse support. ios is way to limited and too phone-like.

  3. Unnecessary opening by damaging a laptop that might actually still be useful. I have owned a Surface Pro 3 since 2015 and I hardly use most of its Tablet features. My next purchase is likely gonna be a Surface Laptop or like the Surface book, just because its more powerful and ergonomically comfortable to use.

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