1. What is it about OU QBs, man love the humility and genuineness. Impressive. The meek will win! First time Ive seen this man, and watch out NFL, just make sure you get a coach that believes and supports you..

  2. I mean no hate all respect. I love Kyler winning this but did you guys see Tua and Dwayne’s responses. Tua knew he didn’t have an amazing chance so he took his L as a winner. Only smiles and claps, pure respect from Tua. On the other hand. Dwayne took his L as a loser. He never clapped and only looked sad and mad. It made Tua look so much more mature cuz he is. Tua is gonna win it next year

  3. I love that the second legend in Oklahoma coaching history was there to congratulate him, as well. Coach Bob Stoops. Boomer Sooner! Barry Switzer, Bob Stoops, Lincoln Riley… let's keep it going.

  4. damn i remember me and my boys would watch this guy back when he was at Allen and just marvel in awe at how good he was. fast forward 6 years and here he is winning the heisman. shame he isn’t playing football anymore, I’d m love to see him in the NFL, but nevertheless I wish him the best in his baseball career. maybe he’ll change his mind after a season or 2 and come back to football lol

  5. He didn't deserve it …..weak ass conference . All the teams are trash no defence . But soon enough he will find out what defence is when the tide rips the soonest world apart ….shouldn't even be in the playoffs . Struggled to beat Texas lmfao ……good luck bama is gonna destroy Oklahoma everyone knows it they just have to keep on saying Oklahoma has a chance ….I bet they only score 17 points and that's being generous.

  6. How do you win this trophy after your worst game came against ARMY !! Not to mention Army was the only team in the top 50 defensive college ranks Oklahoma played this year!!! Tua played and beat 7 defenses in the top 50 !! His worse game was against Georgia!!This chump will have a rude awakening when he meets Sabans defense!!

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