Keyshawn Johnson PULLS Son from Nebraska Football Team for Smoking Weed

It’s clear that Keyshawn Johnson has a strict zero-tolerance policy when it comes to marijuana. After his son got hit with a weed infraction, KJ forced Jr. to take a leave of absence from the Nebraska football team. Overreaction, or the right move? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Very similar to his dad. Slow possession WR average 12 yds pc. Keyshawn went #1 overall, and produced like a 5th round pick. Now the kid is a POTHEAD. Where did he get Chronic in Nebraska? Did he smuggle weed from LA which is crime?

  2. He did the right thing. Good for him. For those of you who think he did wrong you might want to ask yourself if you have ever been to the league. He knows what it takes to get there and he knows what it takes to be successful. I see a father that has the best interest at heart for his son.

  3. When niggas dont know how to be disciplined and live by principles and obey the regulations,they will always be in conflict. These dumb motherfuckers in the comments section demonizing a father for disciplining his son but these same hoodrats are the ones talking about deadbeat black fathers. I hate the black community so much for its hypocrisy and stupidity.

  4. Nebraska is a joke! they will never get 10 wins in the bigten!! plus wtf wants to live in that shitty as fuck state!! nothing but inbred retards!! theres no place like nebraska!?? lmfao

  5. Jr. was fortunate enough to grow up rich so he may have a sense of entitlement.. this is a great way to send a message, but I hope it doesn't derail his career & send him on a downward spiral

  6. It's great he's being a father but the kids not gonna stop smoking let's be honest. He might take a break for a few months for football but best believe he gon be bob marley with the shit in the offseason

  7. I'm sure all of the children think the father is overreacting, but that's why you are children. The NFL has a zero tolerance policy so you need to have your shit together from jump. It's no accident that the majority of the clowns who lose NFL jobs due to weed infractions were fatherless as kids.

  8. The point is he a kid and opportunity… he also needs to understand it's ok to smoke weed IF THE RULES ALLOWED IT but they don't. When he get on his own he can do whatever and maybe his dad trying to show him a better path. Weed still not legal everywhere, a felony can ruin his life. Some of y'all answers are pure ignorant….

  9. More youth today need the discipline only a positive father can dish out! Spare the Rod and You Spoil the Child!!!! Self-accountability is missing from the youth if today!

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