1. If anyone takes the time to read the uscode title 26, that's the way the taxes are supposed to be applied already. Earned income is attributable to trade or business, individual tax was meant to separate partnerships in business together. You have to have capital material income producing factors. I have yet to hear anyone discuss the codes, it's no wonder nothing changes.

  2. I agree with him on getting rid of the income tax and having a consumption tax. Problem is, every country with a national sales tax or VAT also has the same or higher income taxes as America.

  3. It would be insane to abolish the Income Tax. It has been ruled Constitutional. Anyone who earns taxable income must pay Federal income taxes on it. Of course, this begs the question–what is taxable income?

  4. Trump is now president who is as Jesse Ventura is, a Statesman, not a politician. Thusly he was elected. Let's have more of that. Stop electing politicians and find a Statesman to do the job. Evidently Hillary Clinton was the worst politician this country has ever seen.

  5. @TheEsotericDesi Income Tax does not pay to run the nation. It goes directly to the interest on the national debt and likewise for the states. We run our country on other constitutionally levied taxes.

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