Islanders Fans Prepare for Hockey in Brooklyn | The New York Times

As the regular season winds down in the N.H.L., Islanders fans are preparing for the team’s move to Barclays Center next season after 43 years at Nassau Coliseum.

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Islanders Fans Prepare for Hockey in Brooklyn | The New York Times


  1. As a old school Oilers fan from the Gretzky Cup era ..and the old Northlands Colliseum (Rexall Place ) now officially gone i can relate …MUCH respect for the Islanders and their fans…this the team that taught my team how to win five Cups of their own

  2. I live not far from the Barclay Center, I hate to say it, because I was born and raised here, but seriously do yourselves a favor, don't come to the Barclay Center. It's not a good neighborhood, the trains aren't safe, I'm saying this because I remember my dad taking my brother to hockey games. at Madison Square Garden, and the trains were safe. Plus it doesn't hold a lot of people, I don't know how they are meeting agreements with season ticket holders. but do yourself a favor, buy whatever you eat at the game and be safe at home watching the game. It's not worth putting your life on the line.

  3. This team was a joke for 20 yrs, big reason why they couldn't last in nassau. Crooked owners, bad lease, terrible personnel decisions, the Fisherman jersey, milbury, sub-par coaches etc.

  4. I say bring the Sound Tigers to Long Island. They can use the coliseum until it's refurbished. At least this will give Isles fans who cannot make it to a game in Brooklyn the ability to see the Isles prospects. Also, remember, Brooklyn may be part of Long Island geographically, but they are not true Long Islander.

  5. The last 2 times the Islanders made the playoffs in an 82 game season (not 2013), which was 2007 and 2015 I went to over half of the home games and I always go to ALL the playoff games. I live 10 min from the coliseum so sometimes I would not decide until 6:20 to go to a game and I would be able to jump in my car and get a ticket and go! Even if I went to the games alone and snuck down to the 200's or 100's the game was fun. In non playoff seasons I would still go to 13-14 games a year to see HOCKEY! Because I love the sport of hockey and follow it religiously so I like to see other teams players as well.

     This past season in March, I got a call from a friend that he has an extra ticket at 4:40 and I raced over there for a 5:10 oclock start time. Even had time to toke up in my car in the marriot lot.  Remember the end of Goodfellas where Henry says "Now thats all over…. I get to live the rest of my life like a Shnook"

    NO OTHER PLACE LIKE THE COLISEUM. May LONG ISLAND REST IN PEACE! Brooklyn is Ranger$ country do NOT forget that. People who say, this will allow the fans who do not live on Long Island the chance to go to more games. Sure, but its a catch 22. Maybe those people will go to more games but what about the people from Suffolk who would go to 10, 20 games a year. Those people with the exception of maybe 1,000 or so people will not be going as often. So you lose those people who are the HEART of the fan base. This coming from a Nassau Resident by the way. Long Island is the Islanders. The Islanders put long Island on the map and now they are finally good and are leaving. Its just sad and wont be the same. Wait till road teams and fans complain about the obstructed views and horrible sightlines. This is the worst thing to happen to this franchise. Even worse than the fisherman jerseys and Dipietro's 15 year contract.

  6. It takes me 40 minutes to get to the coliseum and Probably about 50 to barclays I will follow this team wherever. Seems the people living the closest to the barn are the ones complaining the most about the move. Of course it's not ideal and brooklyn just doesn't feel like long island to me. But if thousands of ranger fans can take the trip to msg nightly from long island why can't islanders fans make it to barclays?

  7. as someone who has been a islanders fan my hole life it truly saddens me to see them move. not because it will be harder to get to (which it will) but because the coliseum has been our home sense the beginning of the team. what the islanders had was something special that no other NHL team has ever had that being the fact we were the only team to not be bases in a city but actually in the suburbs and wile that may sound ridiculous this simple little fact gave us the ability to become a family like no other team ever has simply because we were all the a part of the islanders

  8. The fake "Cup" top falls off, and then Bobby NY basically says that it's not all that bad?! not the greatest piece they could have done in memory of our beloved place! For me, the commute from Westchester will probably be about the same, sans the terrible traffic and waste of gas, tolls etc. HOWEVER, the loss that will be in my heart, will be immeasurable! There is NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING like the feel of the Coliseum. The site lines are the BEST. I do not, nor have I EVER come out to the game for the amenities…I come out to WATCH ISLANDERS HOCKEY!! So, just like the retarded destruction of my beloved Yankees Stadium, which in it's wake left a hollow shrine to the Steinbrenner heirs, this loss to my (all of our) childhood will be devastating. NOT happy at all!!

  9. I disagree wholeheartedly with many Isles fans.  Yes it sucks.  but there are many positives.  IMO they will have better attendance at Barclays due to the transportation hub.  I lived in westchester many years, and it was hard to get to uniondale.  For the thousands of fans that are not on the Island, its better.  Plus more fans due to tourists in town, better facility, easier to sign free agents, and they also can get out of this lease in 5 years, which means if they build a new Coliseum, they might be back.  If they had moved to KC or canada, they were gone for good.  This is a great thing moving there for now.  I'm extremely excited.

  10. Some isles fans are very over exaggerated. ..if u live 30 min from the coli won't take you 2 hrs to get to BK I live in mastic a hour away from the coli I drive to BK for work 2 times a week at least it takes a hour and 15 min tops…..and in reference to the real reason didn't have to do with the owner not wanting to put money in…had to do with politics ed mangano and Kate Murray. ..

  11. Tell me that playing in a basketball arena does not mean, 4,000 restricted view seats. When the Phoenix Coyotes began, they played at America West Arena home of the Phoenix Suns, all the seats behind what was the west basketball were partial view seats nobody wanted. If the Barclay Center is set to NBA standards you have at least 4,000 crappy seats

  12. Barclay center is literally next door to LIRR station. Just take the train! Anyway, we will be very happy to see all the fans from Long Island come here to Brooklyn. And super-cool bars and restaurants around Park Slope are walking distance! Come on over!

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