ISIS makes its final stand in Syria

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CNN’s Ben Wedeman reports as ISIS makes its last stand in eastern Syria in an exclusive from cameraman Gabriel Chaim. #CNN #News


  1. Hopefully now the US won’t meddle in the middle east and destabilize a nation only to create a power vacuum for the fanatics to rise -_-
    USA is always putting their finger up other people’s business

  2. Just started into some of the replies. Good news, but it's Trumps fault. Everything that happens, good, bad, or just nothing at all is always Trumps fault, or his Trumptards fault. Bet if he gave you free weekly paychecks, he'd be ok. Would be interesting to see what you folks would whine about in regards to that. No doubt, it wouldn't be enough.

  3. they just move to the next city next town sending shells in the same direction then when nobody shoots back they go in "liberate" the people, look for "isis" and whatever young men are able to fight are bribed with food and weapons n the process repeats itself

  4. There is a huge difference between this fight and all other fights in the past . Before , we never forced ISIS to fight to death , We always gave them 2 options :1- fight to death 2- or escape out of the area .
    But in this fight , they still have the first option , and their second option is to surrender. No more escape.

  5. Isis’s last stand. Nope. Remember when u left Iraq and there were still 700 isis left there. They teamed up and made a large kingdom again. AND RN THERE ARE 30K ISIS LEFT, what’d ya think?

  6. I never had a problem with ISIS until the 2015 Paris attacks. ISIS was just another group looking for a spot on this Earth to call home like the rest of us. Cutting off the heads of your captured and video taping it……. cheap publicity, clever PR strategy. Destroying ancient museums full of centuries old priceless artifacts……. classic troll move and I appreciate a good lol as much as the next guy. But shooting up a rock concert on a Friday night? People working their shitty French jobs all week looking to blow off some steam on the weekend and you pull that stunt? How many people didn't get laid that night over your stupid Jihad? Could of at least shown some compassion and saved it for the following Monday morning. Your selfishness was your undoing ISIS.

  7. It's so confusing. Not know which are real jihadistis and and the real civilians among them. Anywhere ISIS jihadists moving around and fighting they have to take their family members along with them as bullet-proofs. They know exactly that any army or soldiers understand the International Law and the Human Rights. When they (the soldiers) are fighting to liberate, towns or cities, and recue innocent civilians, they aim their shooting and killing or capturing only an armed enemies and they are not allow shoot at any unarmed mem women and children. Also, if soldiers cupture the enemy(ies) alive, capture an injured enemy who are unarmed and handcuff them, soldiers have no right to torture them, to shoot them or to humiliate the enemies' corpses in public views. But the jihadists don't care about any rules or laws to avoid doing all of that. They enjoy showing off, boasting, their heinous and cruel action to the whole world such as beheading, torturing, crucifying and displaying bodies, humiliating corpse, and sticking heads on spikes. So, jihadists will never win the war or any wars because of their atrosity, immoral acts and barbaric acts againist humanity.

  8. People are people weather they be friends or foe treat them with respect we are children playing a game between heaven and hell it comes down to what we as humans believe does that make us less/ greater than those we claim to be evil.

  9. when america will last stand beacuse they are the biggest terorrist in the world only terorrist group in the wotld that have their air force navy army that is america they killed millions of people in vieatnam,iraq,afghanistan,syria and many more

  10. I had a dream that men women and babies were being shot with bullet rifled bodies , babies in the back of the head and then after dead shot again and again and again with a passion.

    All victims unarmed.

  11. Reporter: Why do you want to attack Syria? 
    US ,English and French: I suspect that he has weapons of mass destruction.
    Reporter: Why not attack Russia? 
    US, English and French: He really has weapons of mass destruction!

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