1. Its just another phone for most people to hold in their hand because most people cant breathe unless they can hold a phone in their hand even if they arent using it right then.

  2. people only care about taking pictures and video, but yet some of these people don't want there picture taken but they don't mind taking pictures or video of somebody else, PEOPLE WAKE UP THIS IS THE ERA OF DOUBLE STANDARDS, THIS IS THE ERA OF CATCHUP AND MUSTARD, THIS IS THE ERA OF JELLY AND PEANUT BUTTER, THIS IS THE ERA OF EGGS AND TUNA, THIS IS THE ERA OF SALT AND PEPPER, THIS IS THE ERA OF MILK AND COOKIES

  3. can't you see these phones are tearing us apart it's suppose to bring us closer togather but it's pushing us father apart, people are killing other people on social media, there steling cars, beating kids, beating people up

  4. HOLY TOLEDO!! Everyone in America is going gaga over these new iphones!! Apple is gonna sell a gazillion of these new iPhones. Once again, Apple destroys the competition.

  5. @joanna stern from Wall Street Journal the R probably stands for retro since it has so many colors.. get it retro colors lol ? that’s just my guess ..but is someone really knows please tell us

  6. ehhh I'll keep my X, only 30 extra battery minutes doesn't mean anything, I get 2+ days on a full charge with moderate use. I'd like the depth mode on the camera but not worth it

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