Introducing the New T-Mobile Sidekicks: The World’s First Smartshoephone | T-Mobile

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T-Mobile’s Sidekick gets a remake! Inspired by the past but stepping boldly into the future, it has revolutionary AI, headphones that double as chargers, personalized GPS guidance by John Legere, and more! Get it here for a limited time:

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  1. If you worked for DANGER or Tmobile back in the day, PLEASE PLEASE FIGURE OUT HOW TO UPDATE OR CREATE NEW SERVERS FOR THE OLD SIDEKICKS! Ive kept all my old sidekicks and still use them for talk and text, with no data, because the danger servers were purchased by microsft and immediately shut down. You can still use any of the old sidekicks for talk and text, but that's it. Cannot save contacts or use web services, also AIM recently shut down after all these years, so you cant use that either on the sidekicks. Still cool enough for me to use my tony hawk sidekick lx on the daily. The corner mood lights are sick and resemble a ufo when they light up. Nostalgia 100 percent. I know somebody somewhere has the capabilities to create new servers. I heard that a company in Canada has been selling the sidekicks under a different name and has actually installed a different kind of software or firmware or however it works, and they've been using them with data, BUT IDK…….maybe someone can verify this on here?

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