Intel’s RYZEN-KILLER – Core i7 8700K

It’s Intel’s turn to disrupt the mainstream market with SIX CORE Core i5 and Core i7 CPUs… But can they disrupt like Ryzen?

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  1. Nobody’s probably going to see this but is this an 8th generation intel core I-7? I need to know because I have a motherboard that is only compatible with 8th gen

  2. I upgraded to an i7 8700K / 16GB DDR4 3200 and I'm loving the performance increase from my previous 1st gen i7 920 / DDR3 1600, I ran the 920 config for 8 years and it served me very well also kudos to Gigabyte for the rock solid motherboard which ran this 1st gen CPU overclocked @ 3.3Ghz literally from day 1 without any issues the whole time, Currently using an Asus PRIME Z370-A
    with the 8700k, so far all good and Asus has updated the BIOS several times already since I bought it almost a year ago.

  3. Question, can I record gameplay at max settings 60FPS with no quality loss at 1080p like I do on my Ryzen 7 2700X? I'm building a second build, but the R7 2700X is no longer available at a reasonable price.

  4. is the temperatures for i7 8700k@5.0 Without Liquid ? Because mine is getting 60 Max & 70 in benchmarks. 4.6.. Can i overclock to 4.8-4.9 ?

  5. When a Dell desktop becomes a supercomputer = Intel Coffee Lake. Who needs a 3.5 GHz supercomputer on their desktop? And wait, 5 GHz overclocking? The power consumption of a processor at 5000 MHz would be more so compared to a supercomputer at an Ivy League school.

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