1. Go for Ryzen CPU's 2400g. You will never regret. Lower cost and best performance for money. I power my system with generic 250 watts and it does the joB.

  2. Getting tired of waiting until these reach Australian shores in greater numbers. 8th gen machines are STILL not available in Aus for the Razer Blade Stealth. Dell's XPS13 lineup on the other hand HAS them…and my XPS12 running a 3rd gen ULV i7 is getting longer and longer in the tooth.

  3. My 8th gen I5-8250U runs screaming circles around my 7th gen I7-7500U all the way down the benchmark line! First time I think I've ever seen the I5 of a new generation beat out a previous generation I7 of any series and the difference is enormous also! The jump from 6th gen I7-6500U to 7th gen i7-7500U last year was negligible and only notably marked in limited specific benchmark areas in a slight edge but this time around the difference is massive and that is on top of that going backwards from i7 down to i5 as well; plus looking at it, an interesting footnote is the notebook level i5's for the 8th is essentially what would have been if they had continued as before in naming would in fact be named the i7's for this generation looking at specific design differences agains prior generations where they have essentially and effectively shifted the naming schemes over for the 8th generation and thereby further increasing the distance in the leap forward this generation which really makes me wonder what both the performance and desktop / server lines are going to bring shortly (IE: new i7s become now i5s, new what would of been "i9s" become i7s, what would be a new i11(?) to be unveiled shortly officially be the upcoming i9).

    Aside from the new I5 beating out the previous generation i7, this is quite possibly the first time I've ever seen a "U" model of either series regardless perform so well on most every task I give it putting boundry tasks such as video editing, gaming, and heavier level multitasking within actual viable reach even in the budget and power conscience notebook spectrum which is a really good sign and high hopes for other things to follow soon.

  4. Someone on a YouTube comment on a Ryzen vs Coffee Lake video was incensed. He wished that AMD would go out of business for making such awful processors. Their disgraceful new processors couldn't even run modern games. Those running AMD must be pure evil, taking lots of money from people but providing them with crap processors whilst bribing and getting people to lie about how superb they were. AMD must have even bribed HP, Dell, Samsung, Acer etc. to not use Intel processors. They probably even created their own compiler software to produce code which only runs quickly if an AMD processor is detected and bribed major games makers to use it to compile all their games. It's a corporation. What do you expect?

  5. amd= more cores bullshit to catch up to intel and they're budget oriented
    intel=better performance per core but is expensive as fuck but i still love intel.

  6. Intel i5 8250u have low base clock speed of 1.6ghz and much more turbo clock speed of 3.4ghz
    Will slow base speed is an issue for a laptop?
    Or i should go with a laptop with 7th gen i5?
    Please help bud!!

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