In 360: Inside Women’s prison in Madagascar – BBC News

Women in Madagascar say they are being jailed for crimes their male relatives are accused of – crimes which include the rape of a nun and murder.

The BBC’s Marc Ellison gained access to Madagascan prisons to speak to women who have been detained for months – and sometimes years – told they were “accomplices” or should have known what their husbands, brothers or sons were doing.

This immersive video takes you inside the prisons to experience life there for yourself. You control the camera – so look up, down, and around, and experience life in a Malagasy prison.

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  1. It's surprising how far technology has been invented for our generation and it feels like a VR behind your fingers. I actually just noticed that you can move the camera just by moving your phone in different angles which is amazing!!

    It's quite heartbreaking how women and children go through this and I dearly hope it isn't because of the country being sexist as women having a disadvantage.

    Also, some of the comments I've read doesn't make any sense to me at all and not sure if they're supposed to be supportive. 😮

  2. BBC and others,northern railway and the town of st Helens,NHS,police,nvolved in stealing a human life by psychology planned torture. Using acoustic devices playing hypnotic suggestions for years.Some suggestions from the television company mentalist are racist .Staff on northern in " blackface"its not a joke television and rail staff .Replace your dangerous rubbish manufactured schizophrenia with race hate and LGBT hate.Its a torture technique a television parasite and scientists gave you to use and you couldn't say no. Over a decade their use of torture practice with acoustic devices this human rights crime.Over YouTube over podcast s and ham radio. Unwanted rape by a organization of rapist s with sound weapons used to inflict pain,torture.Through terraced House walls.They must answer in court. stop hiding television rapist of brain, I hate you I want it explained in court. you are not funny but a life stealing brain raping racist and house burglary.

  3. I don’t understand this law. Why would you take hoards if able bodied citizens and lock them up for nothing? In a country that needs to be lifted out of poverty, this sets them back for generations to come.

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