“I made the Premier League look old”- Zlatan Ibrahimovic interview- BBC Sport

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BBC Sport’s Steve Crossman meets Zlatan Ibrahimovic and talks about his life in LA, his long career and why Jose Mourinho sees him as an extension of his right arm.

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  1. he has power,he has charisma,he has a godfather voice,he is a world class striker,he is the favourite type of player for mourinho

    it is sad,that he came too late to england and went too early because of his injury-otherwise he is a legend of united like

    george best
    eric cantona

  2. Lol zlatan lol….you are nothing..you are nothing to do premier league ….lol zlatan lol😵you are not ronaldo or even touch the wayene Rooney…left foot we are so sorry …to say…you are lol zlatan you are lol

  3. When he mentions Thurran and Cannavaro, Maldini and Nesta, Dida and Buffon, that brought a smile to my face. I miss the good old days when you had to give your sweat and blood to the pitch.

  4. If Zlatan is in the lineup team, the game starts from 1-0 for Zlatan's team.
    Officall FIFA football rule: Zlatan cannot be substituted during a game. Nobody can replace Zlatan!

  5. I think this guy is a mystery. His facial expression, manner, language, voice, behaviour all say he is very narcissistic and a lot of times empathyless. However his speaking intelligence, and his jokes and charm say he has above average sociability. How can he switch in between? I say he is faking a lot.

  6. The biggest thing Zlatan brought to United was his hunger to win and I honesty feel if we had him 2 or 3 years younger, he'd have won us the title and helped guide the younger players like Pogba to be much better footballers and they would follow in his footsteps. Right now, our team needs this desperately.

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