I Lost My Daughter to Heroin, Can I Start Over With Her Child? | Conception Season 2

Her daughter lost her confidence, and then her life to drugs. How does she ensure it won’t happen, again – to her granddaughter?

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  1. Please be honest with your grand daughter. Any questions she has, give her the straight answer. If she knows the truth about what happened to her mom, she'll grow a very strong hatred towards opiates which may be enough to turn her against them for life.

    Don't sugarcoat it.

  2. Now it will be sad, hard and painful,. Man is not a weak being,. Also, " Mother " is stronger than any other child. Sadness and pain are half when sharing with neighbors. ,.

    If you are lonely, neighboring neighbors,. Or asking for help from social groups,. And it is our duty to send warm hearts to families with sorrow and suffering ,.

  3. That is the most insane title I’ve seen in awhile.
    Yes you can start over with her daughter as long as you don’t make the same mistakes.

    You can do this and I’m sorry about your losses. Normal people go though ups and downs. Teach them how to handle those moments and not lose their core self

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