Hundreds hunting Strasbourg gunman – police – BBC News

Eyewitnesses described what they saw, as the shooting unfolded near a Christmas market in the eastern French city.

French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner says hundreds of people had been deployed to hunt the killer.

The suspect, who is known to security services, escaped after exchanging fire with soldiers and armed police on Tuesday. He is believed to be injured.

Police say the 29-year-old suspect was born in Strasbourg and was already known to the security services as a possible terrorist threat.

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  1. Globalist U.S & European Criminal Elites responsible for Destroying destabilizing & Invading countless countries in 20 years,Created Worldwide Terrorism along with Illegally forcing Open our Borders to destroy our Lives & Cultures.

  2. What religion you ask? Well that would be the Islamic religion! Now there’s going to be many people that will say that he wasn’t a “true” Muslim or that this has nothing to do with Islam.
    Please take very specific note on who those people are. Write their names down. Take their picture. Expose them.

    A man who goes all out for what he believes in I can respect. The ones who cheer on the sidelines are the ones I wanna bash into the concrete.

    Plus they make matters worse by denying the obvious.

  3. Don’t you mean the Strasbourg islamic state convert Muslim gunman who has committed racial massacres of Christian Europeans . That sounds a bit more truthful than your headline .

  4. If you're an American, then you've got no right to say about shootings in Europe or anywhere else in this world.

    In the USA , people use their smartphones and guns more than their brains. So back off.

    Plus your shooters are just as deplorable as your president, look and save your asses first.

  5. islam is a religion which makes, child marriage, wife-beating, incest legal, killing of atheist/ex-muslims/LGBTQ, male and female genital mutilation, no freedom of speech, expression and movement.

  6. *when its a shooting by a deranged radical Islamist*
    Clearly multiculturalism and globalism isn't working. Build the wall now!!!!1!!

    *when its a shooting by a deranged white guy*
    Stop politicising such a tragic event please. Thoughts and prayers x. We need to talk about mental health.

  7. lol im french and i tell you this terroriste is houdini !!its the harry potter of dhjihadisme and the david copperfield of chrismas^^ strange is not enogh to say what happend here!!!!!!american citizen are lucky !!we can t defend everyone !!we are target for our gouvernement!!

  8. "Hundreds of security personnel are searching for Cherif Chekatt, 29, on both sides of the Franco-German border.
    The suspect had a string of criminal convictions and had become a radical Islamist while in prison."

    Quote from the BBC website.

  9. Here we go again. For heavens sake, get some guns and arm the public so you can start fighting back against this crap. This is war against civilians, so you if you're a civilian, you need to be carrying a gun. When you yellow vests overthrow those commie rats, make sure you get a 2nd amendment in the next constitution.

  10. The people killed at the Christmas market probably felt on edge knowing what had previously happened at European Christmas markets. You can only imagine their horror at their worst fears coming true.

  11. I agree with Trump, we need to execute these terrorists with bullets dipped in pigs blood. US General Pershing took 50 terrorists in the Philippines and executed 49 of them with bullets dipped in pigs blood, and set one free after he witnessed the executions. He returned home and told his terrorist buddies about what had happened and Pershing never had anymore problems with terrorists. These radicals believe if they get pig blood inside their body, they will burn in hell.

  12. If the public was armed, someone could have shot the terrorist before he killed and wounded so many. In my state a terrorist beheaded a woman with a knife and was attempting to behead another. An armed citizen intervened and shot the terrorist, saving the 2nd woman's life. Later it was revealed that the terrorist had planned to behead even more women than just these 2 in the office building. If everyone is armed in public, criminals and terrorists think twice before trying anything stupid. This dirty lowlife most likely would have been too scared to do an attack like this if everyone was armed, but since France is a gun free zone, he knew no bullets would be flying back at him.

  13. The top echelons of the security forces know exactly where he is – he works for them!! How many people of the yellow vest freedom fighters will turn up at the next demonstration, if they think they are going to be blown away by a madman ? It’s far easier for the failing government to have a. “Terrorist” shoot them, instead of ordering the police to do it ! This way the yellow vests will beg the government to step in and protect them ………hurrah for the government. !!

  14. how would the french authorities regain control of the streets from the yellow vest protesters. answer; create yet another false terror incident. yellow vest protest finished……

  15. ©™ ALX💥 Armed🔫Liberation⛓ Xecutive🕶 Observation ✍ ✍

    France reaps what it sows.
    ILLEGALLY bombed Syria and ILLEGALLY stationing troops there.
    Mucking around the Sahel Mali etc.

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