HTC Vive Setup Guide

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Did you open the box for the HTC Vive and get a little overwhelmed at what’s inside? Curious about how much time and effort it takes to get a whole room VR ready? Find out what’s involved in this video!

The space we used for the Vive is half of this room, and measures about 10ft long by 5.5ft wide. This is plenty of usable space for the Vive, although the more you give it the better.

Download the HTC Vive Installer!



  1. be me
    order's vive
    vive arrive's
    realize i need 4 power outlet's to play
    i have 1…
    realize the power outlet i have is the Europe one and not an American one
    me fucked
    spend 90€ on power adapter's (30 for each)
    finally can play!
    no wait…
    ho yeah the sensor's…
    my wall made out of fucking reinforced concrete…
    doesn't have eny money left for stand…
    call's friend whit good drill
    friend's say's he can do it
    somehow work's 10/10
    finally can use the sensors
    set up's vive
    realize i have a gtx950 and I'm playing at 90fps or more
    finally something that went good, no need for a new video card for now…

    so yeah… that was a lot more problem's then i tought
    but at least i can play whit a GTX950 whit no problem's i can run most game's at medium or low setting (some even at high!)
    but of curse… game's like CONTAGION VR or Harizona Sunshine run's only on low and at 60fps ich but hey it doesn't seem that bad to play at 60fps in vr… if you don't play for more then 1hour after 1 hour i get some headache but nothing more…
    on other game's that are 90fps or more it's like… well let's say that i get so much involved in the game that i almost broke my wall whit a punch

    beating darksoul's 1 whit no hit's was easyer then setting up this shit but at least it was worth it!

  2. but what happens if i dont have a 2nd HDMI in the back of my computer just 1HDMI Port?? what then i have a HDMI port in the back of my Computer Screen.. Can that work or no?

  3. May i ask how you are able to view your monitor and vr head set at the same time im confuse…do you need to hdmi on graphic card or what i only have one hdmi on my graphic card…where do i plug my monitor pls help

  4. This is the most helpful video I've seen on this. Simple and straight forward, unlike any other instruction I've seen. Kinda annoyed that Vive didn't have anything on installing the actual hardware on their website or in the box, of all places.

    Just a question: Will I be able to do a recalibration if I decide to change rooms?

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