How Trump’s State of the Union is making history | With Chris Cillizza

Looks like the State of the Union won’t be taking place as planned. As the longest shutdown in US history drags on, the annual event is put on hold as the fight over border security continues.

Donald Trump dared Nancy Pelosi to cancel his State of the Union speech. So she did.

How the State of the Union Became the Latest Flashpoint

The President’s Annual State of the Union Address, Explained

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White House adviser says there could be zero economic growth if shutdown lingers

President Woodrow Wilson’s 1913 Joint Session

5 Democrats who can make Trump’s life miserable

Trump’s big beautiful border wall: A history

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  1. Hi Chris here — The annual State of the Union is on hold. Do you think the delay is enough leverage to end the partial government shutdown?

  2. There have been many criminal trials that have interested
    me, but not enough to follow the proceedings daily, kinda just like to take
    note of the summery, then the closing verdict. For me, this State of the Union
    speech is falling into that category. There will be highlight clips that can be
    viewed for years to come. Of most interest to me is the dueling guests of the
    President and members of Congress, now that just may be the sight to urge me to
    change my mind and watch this whole extravaganza from start to finish…and of
    course, the facial expressions on The Speaker of the House…I may not want to
    miss that viewing…

  3. Instead of funding a wall the opposition wants the caravan access to USA :
    FUNDS shud go for the (mostly military aged men in the caravan) for:

    Furnishings & Housing
    Translation Service
    Court Lawyers
    Clothing/Laundry/Soap & Toiletries
    Hair Cuts
    Dental/Vision Care & Eyewear
    Medical Care & Medications
    Employment & Training
    Education & Books/Supplies
    Drug & Alcohol Rehab
    Abuse Counseling
    Background Checks
    Disability Assessment
    Burial Services
    Birthing Centers
    Valid identifications verification
    Disease Testing

    As far as “asylum” claims…. Mexico is currently giving them that.

  4. Millions of people suspect that RBG has died.
    This means POTUS will nominate Amy Barrett, another conservative SCOTUS Justice.
    Y'all know what THAT means.
    The libs won't sniff the SCOTUS for another generation.
    They can't bear the thought. They must be panicked to pieces over how to stall until 2020.
    Televising the SOTU address with Ginsburg absent is not a good way to hide the fact that she has died.
    The vilification of those young Catholic boys who were accused of attacking that fake Indian Vietnam vet started me thinking.
    Amy is Catholic. What else could you lefties ever attack her for? How would you go about discrediting her?
    This is the only thing I could think of.
    With Kavanaugh, Blasey-Ford accused him of attempted rape "100%, it was Brett".
    She was lying.
    This is how far the left will go.
    But Amy? Lol
    As soon as I saw that fake story about the AWOL Vietnam vet Indian drummer boy and the catholic school boys at their Right to Life march, that's the first thing that popped into my head.
    They were raging against these Catholic kids, as if to set the stage for attacking Amy's Catholicism.
    Also, the fact that economic growth is 4.2% (unheard of), and record low unemployment rate, AND North Korea reuniting with South Korea…it doesn't look good for democrats.
    Kick rock, bitchez.
    Wait until the arrests start!!! Y'all going to lose your fricken minds. I, on the other hand, will be watching your heads EXPLODE as I eat popcorn.

  5. I believe Pelosi invited him if. If if he would reopen the government .bonehead said hed do the speach at some other place.? The state of the union is an address to Congress. We realy need to get rid of this game show joke.

  6. Who needs enemies when we have Schumer & Pelosi and her gang of bad anti-american D's!. Is Pelosi working against D's to set up big Win for R;s in 2020? Pelosi Russian agent?

  7. We love you Cillizza. It's the year of Pelosi. So, she will invite Trump over when she wants.
    And, her first name may be Nancy, but you may call her Speaker Pelosi. She's such a lady.

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