1. He has 16 MG, I have 8 MG, you have twice as much….. How do u use that much space…….Seriosly……I have had five games……..I have never been low on space……I have had 500 pictures………Still never low on space………. WEIRD……….

  2. Here is a creepy story for you. Last night I prepared a older LG phone of mine for my son to use and for his # to be put on the phone. I emptied the storage just like this video says. I already knew how to do it. I never did a youtube search. And wouldn't you know it. I have this youtube video show up " out of the blue". I'm tellimg you. Our phones spy on us. They listen and then advertise. This happens to me all of the time. The other day I purchased bluetooth headphones for my daughter and 2 days later Amazon started advertising the same headphones. Now thats private purchase info there. Either the bank " wells fargo" or Walmart shared my purchase info. That is a violation of personal privacey. Just beware. Be careful what you say and do with your private info with your phone.
    Also, good video!

  3. put your phone down idiot when you do a video so it doesn't Shake all over the place… then place the recording device on a stand….. like 95% of everyone else who makes videos..dumbass

  4. I legit deleted the whole Android folder and still can't find where that 1.8 gb is hiding, this is why I shouldn't have switched to Android from apple

  5. Ive got everything deleted off my phone, my memory is so full i cant text or call anyone. Everythings in trash and trash is unfindable im so agrovated i have no file manager, no way to download one cause its fucking full….gonna smash thiz phone get a new one i guess

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