How to Build an Esports Empire

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Telecom titan Comcast is investing $50M dollars in a new esports stadium located in the center of the Philadelphia sports complex. But that’s just the beginning of their plan to build a global esports empire.

Producer – Tom Connors
Camera – David Nicholson, Brian Schildhorn
Graphics – Christian Capestany
Supervising Producer – Jordan Oplinger

Businessweek Reporter – Chris Palmeri
Visuals Director – Diana Suryakusuma


  1. Comcast, since you've increased prices & rolled out data caps, we'd rather you invest that extra money in better (fiber>copper) infrastructure instead of this.

  2. I look at Asian esport teams and their success and the computer gaming culture in those countries with their fastest internet speeds in the world and it boggles my mind that Google released Stadia only in West Europe and North America.
    Like why?!

  3. The governments of every dying civilization in its death throes resort to vacuous sporting events to distract the peasants from the real issues. This has proven an effective tactic from gladiatorial times through to today.

  4. esport is very inflated right now since gamer do pay very expensive price for a game. A lot if country do recognized esport player as professional. However… I would not tell kid try to be a esport player as a job.. this is more like something you do while waiting to finish your degree…

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