How Pete Buttigieg's faith influences his politics

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Democratic presidential candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg says his Episcopalian faith is a key part of who he is. CNN’s Vanessa Yurkevich takes a closer look. #CNN #News


  1. Ok I love this man, but let’s be candid is America ready for a gay president. We haven’t even gotten that far to elect a women, let alone a gay man. If he does win the primary peoples faith are gonna prevent him from getting their vote.

  2. I'm an athiest and I have no problem with his faith. What matters is he is a calm, intelligent young man who genuinely cares about the future of this country. He has my full support now.

  3. Well…when it's all said and done, the most important question to ask is…is there life after death and who delivers on it. For me, after 54 years it's Jesus. For God so loved YOU that He gave His only son Jesus to die for your sins and thus redeeming your soul from eternal death.Thus freeing you up for eternal life. Trusting that Jesus accomplished this, is your guaranteed ticket into an eternity that is never ending joy. To understand all this, the bible teaching site, teachingfaith com and their series titled 'change of mind'…30 free streaming videos, really helped. Good bible teaching is difficult to find. This site is the best i came across after so many duds…Thus me plugging it…

  4. Just because I'm not religious does not mean I would not vote for a religious person (Muslim, Christian, etc.).

    Just because you are religious does not mean you should not vote for someone who isn't.

    Religious "test" — even on a personal level — should not be a part of your decision.

  5. i still don't know what this pete buttigieg guy is for. he speaks in platitudes and has said nothing in regard to policy. he's extremely boring. i am 5 minutes in and i am extremely bored listening to him

  6. Republicans claim to be about the gospels and Christianity to please the sheeple, but the establishment never stops the evils and corruption on either side. Most the Catholic clergy is gay and of faith, just imperfect in the nature of humanity.

  7. He'll be at the top of that poll by the time everyone has had a chance to get to know him. The man is brilliant, an incredible problem solver and one of the best I've ever known at bringing people together.

  8. Pete Buttigiey is going to be the next president. He reminds me of Father John, I was a young alterboy and he showed me so many beautiful things and tought me about an all loving God. He really touched not just me but my soul.

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