How a Divided Congress Could Defy Gridlock

Despite a split Congress, here are three key issues that could provide common ground​ for Democrats and President Trump​. Photo: Getty Images.


  1. I am glad congress is divided because both parties are too extreme to the right and to the left. Bifurcated gov't means neither party can do much damage as they're checked by the other party. Neither of these parties represents America (average American is somewhere in the middle ideology speaking). I don't like Democrats wanting to allow our country to be invaded by criminals from Mexico/Middle America, giving too much welfare to lazy asses, and I don't want Republicans allowing insurance co's to toss sick people off of insurance or charging them more for pre-existing conditions. Both parties suck and don't represent Americans. We need term limits to get rid of these parasitic career politicians.

  2. Oh My…  Will the dems legislate or continue to resist and obstruct?  We know the answer and will have to suffer through the lies they spewed to get elected for two years!  They are NOT for a democratic America.  Our mission now is to defeat dishonest socialist candidates in 2020.

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