Horned pit viper and tree frogs found at Indian airport – BBC News

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Rare animals have been seized from the luggage of a passenger trying to pass through an Indian airport.

A horned pit viper snake, five Iguanas, four Blue-tongued skinks, three green tree frogs and 22 Egyptian tortoises were found at Chennai airport.

Officials say that the species were transported for wildlife trafficking and that some of the animals are threatened.

The Egyptian tortoise is recognised as “critically endangered” on the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List of Threatened Animals.

The passenger was detained and officials said that the animals would be returned to Thailand, where he had been travelling

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  1. Don't investigate, take the POS smuggler out back and beat the living day lights out of him. Our laws are too soft on criminals worrying about their rights when the rights of their victims are less important. In this case protected animals.


    INCREDIBLE SPEECH FROM MEP RICHARD ASHWORTH IN EU PARLIAMENT , ABOUT HOW WE HAVE BEEN LIED TOO FOR DECADES ABOUT THE EU.. but the bbc will post about a couple of snakes… cant you see the cruel joke being played right here ??!?!?!?!?… DISTRACTION MEDIA

  3. How did the guy even get his baggage thru scanning? I mean it says something abt his country of origin n their security! They need to investigate that!

  4. India is great … now harass and thrash the culprit just as he did to the animals release the report make public about gis trail and destination

  5. He maybe trying to save them. By putting them in harsh conditions to travel is no big deal. You know how migrants from africa travel to europe, in the end theh get a better life. Well, iam just saying, im not that guy

  6. This makes me so mad! These are kidnapped animals, how dare he put them through these horrible conditions and agitate them and traumatize them!!!! Criminal should be apprehended!

  7. BBC is anti Indian… We know that.. Modify your title.. Indian authority caught an arse.. Carrying.. Endangered species.. The title looks like the snake.. Checked in with his boarding pass

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