Home of missing mother’s fiance searched by investigators

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They towed his truck away and police said they were asking that Patrick Frazee sit down with authorities.


  1. Stop telling dudes its their Puzzy…If you dont mean it!

    Inform them the real truth! (Its fir Lease with an Option to Buy!). Avoid these situations from the begenning..

  2. Colorado is the birth place of flat earthers…… It's wackier than Florida for those people yelling, "Colorado again is it the new Florida?".
    No….. It's just Colorado.

  3. When he didn't report her missing, I found that suspicious. However, not all of the facts are in and she hasn't been found. I hope for her sake and the sake of her baby that she is found soon and in good condition.

  4. First of all you have a kid with your fiancé but you don’t live together .. ?? Now right there is some weird red flags … why is this man avoiding everyone .. please cps needs to give the baby to the grandmother of the mommy missing .. this guy gives weird vibes and as a woman out intuition is hardly wrong on this things .. specially with what happened to Shannon and her Babies .. I hope they search that house and property throughly ..

  5. Just once before I leave this Earth I want to hear that any of the missing women and or child the has disappeared under odd circumstances to show up alive and well ! I can't imagine in my wildest dreams how or what these parents are going through ! Praying for her safe and happy return to this world in which she knew and loved !

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