1. The DNC gave her what Bernie earned. Trump still would’ve beat Bernie, but I can’t believe how these idiotic DemoRats still voted for her after defrauding Bernie.

  2. This cunt lost to a man like Trump! Lmao!!! Stay in the forest where you belong! You thought you could bash millions of Bernie's supporters after trying to buy and cheat your way into the white house. You couldn't win a coin toss with the heads on both sides! Lmao!

  3. THEY DIDN't LISTEN NOW WE HAVE PRESIDENT TRUMP, you stupid HAG Hillary cost us the election, she got to greedy and now has finally learned her lesson to give this whole POTUS thing a rest and let someone else run!!!

  4. Hillary Clinton is responsible for removing a Democratically elected President in Honduras. The international community condemned this. That's what she's talking about with experience.

  5. I used to think she would be good for the country, but then I realized she is a woman. An old white woman who has even considered black americans as "predators"? WHY, why are there people who support this type of behavior in a person, let alone the future of who represents USA. Having Hillary as president would be a disaster same for Trump, unless he changes his mind about a lot he has said which is know of hime

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