Hear congressman's heated response after Republicans call for his resignation

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Rep. Adam Schiff (D- CA) responded to members of the House after some Republican congressmen called for Rep. Schiff to resign as chairman of the House Intelligence committee.


  1. Adam schit is a lying whore. A swamp creature who is so corrupt it defies the sense. He has lied like the media for 2 years that Potus Trump was guilty of something and the muller report says he is innocent. Adam Schit covered for Hillary to no ned, obstructed justice by covering for her 33k acid washed deleted emails which is equal to 33K counts of obstruction of justice. with her sculpatory evidence, slow walk and denied other information that would have exonerated Trump and simple lied about everything. AG Barr is going to nail him to a cross and crucify him. This but ugly ugly political whore will never be given info by Republicans on the intelligence committee, where he presides over and abuses his power and Pelosi will have no choice But to get rid of him. Then AG Barr will start to prosecute the fuking POS SCHIT.

  2. President Trump’s crime family, has to do, not with Putin but with the Deep State, and the war against each other in the thirteen families. They are fighting to the death with these games and it involves the criminal gangs around the planet. That is not being discussed except on the periphery of the news agencies. They don’t go there.

    It is about how the media is controlled, also, by let’s say, the criminal government connected with the criminal gangs, and how this breaks right at this moment, is that these energies are still not out of this eclipse, I mean, the waves of energy that are going across our [planet]
    Tara: and will continue through the whole year,
    Rama: Yes, and the waves are only going to get bigger and stronger. And the dark side has lost. That’s as plain as day.

    Then Natasha and Lady Nada continued, “President Drumpf wants to create a way to extend his powers over the people with the national emergency state our country has been in ever since 9/11, which hasn’t been brought up here quite yet on the news. They’re attempting to say he wants to create a state of emergency now, yet we have been in a state of emergency created back by the Bush administration along with the collaboration of the Clintons way back in 2001; and nothing is as it seems since then.”

    And there is a little note here, a little more in this world: And Rama Speaks, “I tuned into a local afternoon talk show today, during our nearly complete moving process, and there I heard Norman Goldman, formerly on Air America, and he said, “The Drumpf, Bush, Clinton crime families will very, very soon all be indicted for corruption, collusion, money laundering, obstruction of justice, human trafficking, etc., etc., etc.”

    Tara & Rama Report 1-22-19

    AUDIO VERSION – https://fccdl.in/FTqz9wWjhL

  3. Mr Shifty knows he's a liar and a leaker. He himself took a call from a Russian and said YES he wanted the info on Trump. He too was duped just Trump Jr. None the less HE WAS WILLING TO COLLUDE WITH A RUSSIAN.

  4. I have to say, I feel so sad for our children. When I was a child I admired and looked up to adults and the president. Our president and politicians and the media are so unkind, ugly, and horrible role models. I can't imagine what's it like to grow up in the world today.

    I can't believe our President blatantly lies about everything and is so disrespect to the world. I'm truly embarrassed to be an American. America is now… Land of greed, theft, oppression and lies.

  5. Adam schit is a lying piece of shit. nothing he said was illegal to do in a campaign and Hillary campaigns and her filthy rat John podesta did that and everything more…. Schit the lying RAT did leave out all the crimes of the Clinton campaign starting with the dossier that they PAID a SPY To GET FAKE information from the RUSSIANS!.. All this to do a Coup D' eTat on Potus Trump and also to cover for Hillary 33k acid washed obstruction of justice emails. Anyone who doesn't see that is too stupid to be allowed to vote. Adam schit ism a parasite, a criminal and obstructionist like no other covering for Hillary. His days are numbered.

  6. Remember who was really just itching to get dirt from the Russians? – couldn't wait to get black mail material on our President? ►"Audio: Russian Comedians Prank Called Rep. Adam Schiff, Promised Him Naked Photos Of Trump"….

  7. +CNN

    A few things:

    1. Well of course the elected representatives should see the full report; that's part of the whole fucking point of them being there!

    2. It's interesting to hear that facebook won't be allowing white supremacists to use their platform any more but a couple of things; A. does that infringe upon freedom of speach? and B. what about all the other racist bullshit.!? or is that "a black thing" and "you wouldn't understand"?;) oh wait…no that's also racist to…

    3. This is all like a bad cartoon! and no "I am not okay with that!".:D

  8. shame on republican members, after established over 100 years for the party, trump only takes 2 years and can completely destroy the party and become trump party. one one have a gut to stand up for american but sucking up to trump. you all should go to hell

  9. How he took that gavel to shut that pug up. Thing of beauty. Go chairman Schiff. Americans have your back. MAGATS have Rump's back. It's not OK pugs and MAGATS. You are going down. Shut that PUG up.

  10. Adam Schiff is an idiot and needs to be removed. If he had any info to confirm the accusations that this actually happened as he described, he should have presented it to someone that could do something about it. Now the report is in, it's time to get to fixing the problems this nation has. Get back to being a republic and leave this democracy alone. Bob Casey is just as full of crap too.

  11. Lollipop Head Shifft is going down. I told you several times, all of you Liars are going down. Look in Websters Dictionary under LIAR there is a picture of Shyte ! He should be in Prison for his Treason !!#!!!

  12. The level of stupidity is beyond anything the nation has ever faced. There is no scenario that could ever put an end to the moronic, disturbed, deranged logic and thought process of liberal Empty Barrels. There is no circumstance that any disclosure would result in a Liberal satisfactory "no collusion determination." (And get this, "Collusion HAD THERE BEEN ANY is not illegal unless it rises to the level such as bribery is established for Putin can hand out Trump flyers "I love Trump" at Lincoln Center and it is Constitutionally legal!)

    It is one issue after the next. The blind stance to deny at all cost the invasion at the US border as well as other avenues exposes some kind of Liberal euphoria disorder, a desire to let society collapse into poverty and chaos in order to create and perpetuate a platform of equal "distribution of destitution" upon humanity. Of which, the elite like Bernie will control. This Empty Barrel view of existence is so embedded in followers, and their last moral vestige to find meaning and purpose, that no rationale can dissuade them from worshiping whatever their masters conjure up to stimulate them, from appeasement to Infanticide to Communism. Presently, they are lead in the mantra of Anti-Trump, but this is only until that mirage is replaced by the next.🤔

    We know another thing that is a fact:

    "Workplace Violence " Obama flooded the 5th District in MI with over 70 thousand Somalians "Refugees" completely paid for with tax dollars who blatantly claim that the Constitution must be changed to God's law. They vote Democrat and also elected a terrorist into the House.

    This scenario is happening across the nation and wherever it happens it cannot be stopped once started. These communities increasing their populations at a staggering rate will not suddenly assimilate into the "American Way" the Ideology of a society governed by a Constitutional Republic of law over a society being governed by Islamic god's law.

    The only way to reverse this process at some point is through civil war. So be ready when they threaten, "We love death more than you love life," and say we love Liberty and will give you the death you want.


    The History of Jihad:


  13. The only way that we are going to stop the hate violence in this country is to take away the microphone from Donald Trump and give it to a decent Democrat for the next 8 years. Then it will probably take another two or three years for things to go back to where they were. Trump made it okay to be racist hateful and violent and that's not going to change until he is long gone

  14. My goodness, the Republicans are acting so civil today. Gosh, I remember the Peter Strozk hearing and the Republicans' self-righteously indignant outbursts and attacks. I applaud Mr. Schiff. He said what the majority of us would like to say, and he said it succinctly. He spoke for us. Today, Adam Schiff is a hero.

  15. Schiff is great… verbally – and thats about all hes got.
    What was it that Mueller could not get that YOU could, Schiff? Show us your evidence – or burn in hell for your lies about "evidence in plain sight". EVIDENCE, Schiff, EVIDENCE!

  16. Mental Illness Snowflake alert. Yada, Yada, Yada. On to investigating that freak show Billary Clinton, and the Deep State. Schiff is bought and paid for. PRESIDENT TRUMPS election threw a SERIOUS monkey wrench in the Globalists agenda, you can't explain the DemoRats insane actions, post-election. Wake up snowflakes, your [we're] lucky as funk Billary are not in the White House.

  17. YES YES YES It's about time Democrat stop backing down to these corrupt Republicans! In the 2018 midterm Elections, we sent Democrats to Congress to take control and INVESTIGATE & PROSECUTE these corrupt co-conspirators of Trumps! Democrats do your damn job! Do what we sent you there to do! You are the majority because we want you to hold these lying ass corrupt Republicans accountable!

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