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While doctors do not know why asthma rates are higher in cities, they can treat the disease using medication and allergy shots.

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Health: Living With: Asthma –


  1. Hearing that asthma is four times more likely to be worse than the national average of people having asthma, such as Harlem is surprising. Why is it that asthma rates are higher in many inner-city neighborhoods? This is concerning to those who stay in inner-city neighborhoods that actually have asthma because they have to be aware of their surroundings and making sure their environment stay as clean as possible.

  2. I am curious as to why asthma is 4 times more likely in inner-city neighborhoods such as Harlem. Keeping the environment clean and dust-free is a must for most people who have asthma. This is concerning for patients with asthma if they do not have cleaning resources or a good, clean environment to live in. I could not imagine living with asthma and being extremely cautious of the environment that you are in. I also can’t imagine going through an event so horrible like an asthma attack and feeling so helpless. It is important for the people around you to know how to handle a situation and what to do during the time of an asthma attack.

  3. coolbeans278, strong emotion can trigger asthma. Anger is not a trigger for me, but stress/anxiety are (which is unfortunate, because I tend to get anxious when I can't breathe and that starts a positive feedback loop). I don't get anxiety attacks: anxiety attacks don't cause a drop in peak flow, coughing, or hypoxia, all of which I can get when I have an anxiety-triggered asthma attack. That said, if you do have emotional asthma, you do need to see a counselor to help you control your emotions.

  4. Scientists need to work with naturalpaths. Asthma is a sign of withholding anger. Of course innercity folks are a wee bit angrier than most esp. given the unnecessary racism ppl in Central Harlem experience simply because of the color of their skin. Attitudes, perceptions and patterns of prejudice. Of course asthma is 4 times higher. I too have asthma.

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