Healing Hemp | The New York Times

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To supply a cannabis extract that helps ease seizures in children, the Stanley brothers have planted acres of hemp in a field in eastern Colorado.

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Healing Hemp | The New York Times


  1. That kid isn't being healed she's just stoned cold like Steave Austin!! They got her on a weed drip!! She's gonna have the wost case of munchies ever witnessed by man!!
    Ok you can just back that twinkie truck right to the window and we'll take it from there!!

  2. "Little sold evidence evidence that it has such an effect"?!? Where the hell have you been NYT??? It's natures best anti-epileptic! There's more proof it works to control seizures, than proof the pharmaceuticals work…

  3. I hope that the Stanley brothers will not get raided.   A FDA atack on this medical substance could be called by some as snake oil sales.  What is a sweeping of Decriminalization across the states is a good thing IMHO, Fed's atacks on states where they VOTED for legal useage still happens.  So much for states rights.  Charlottes Web is a gift from the earth/God to help,  it is just too sad that it has taken this long to come forward.  Think of all those who has suffered at the hands of those who would keep this medicine from those in need.  I appeal to OUR goverment to take MJ off schedule 1, and stop creating criminals out of a less harmless substance than other legal Pharma pushed versions.

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