Hands on with Apple’s new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max – BBC News

Apple has launched three new iPhones, with the iPhone XS and XS Max being its high-end offer.
But do they represent much of an upgrade on last year’s flagship?
Our North America technology reporter Dave Lee takes a look.

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  1. An iphone xs? Still useless! They make them a thousand dollars just to make money with cheap stupid phones GET ANDROID IT DOES MORE THEN APPLE AND ITS CHEAPER!

  2. BBC why are you not reporting that the UK government was found guilty of breaching our human rights Article 8 and 10 Today?. Could it be that the the proven breach of our "right to a private life" and "right to freedom of expression" in a court of law Today does not suit your Marxist, Zionist agenda?. Why are you not telling the UK public that our government was found guilty of breaching our basic human rights to privacy you actually think the 'blame Russia' and Iphone garbage will cover up these Hugely Important changes?. Fuck you, do your job you rats!

  3. Dear Apple… How about making a phone you don’t have to get financing for? I don’t give a rats ass whether or not it recognizes me when I look at it… Since I would never use that feature anyway. I don’t need my thumbprint scanned to open the phone either. How about a phone that cost three or $400 that doesn’t put people in the poorhouse? Pretty sure you could get the cost of these devices down if you didn’t try to pack so much crap most people won’t use into them. Also… Shifting your focus to making the features you already have actually work would be a great idea.

  4. Only people complaining are people probably on the dole bumming the government…personally i can't wait to pre-order my IPhone XS Max 512GB tomorrow morning 🙂 £1,449.

  5. Nice-looking edge to edge big screen. Can't wait until the more honorable phone manufacturers have a six and a half in edge to edge screen on less than £300 phone

  6. Trump is putting tariffs on Apple products that they are making in China and told them to move their factories back to the US. They have their headquarters in the US and we made them what they are, then the greedy slimeballs moved production to China for cheap labor. Now they're saying it's gonna cost us more for their products because of the tariffs, but it's not costing me a penny, because I'm not buying anymore Apple products. Apple is also working with the Chinese government to help censor free speech on their devices in China. Any company that helps a communist country arrest political dissidents, should be banned from doing business in the US. And another thing, when independent studies showed these cell phones are causing cancer, the big companies like Apple hired their own scientists to do a study, and they came to the same conclusion. They kept hiring scientists until they found some that said cell phones are safe.

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