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  1. Of course Eldewrito had nothing to do with bringing the MCC to PC, but I would like to think that if they didn't bring Halo-Online to us then Microsoft and 343i wouldn't have that initial kick in the ass that they needed and realizing that "Oh shit Halo on PC is getting a lot of attention, we better try making a deal with these guys and maybe begin thinking that we actually have bring Halo to PC"

  2. One thing I want to say, is Microsoft seems to be learning.
    Hopefully they let the studio's they bought work un-restricted and let them be as creative as they want

  3. Bro modding on halo reach could possibly make it competitively viable (forgot 343 tried this way back, but they could possibly improve it and put some new maps in). Make a modded mode with no bloom and no armor abilities with adjusted player speed and different/new maps. I am really happy about eldewrito having a positive effect on halo mcc pc. Those halo online moments were some of the most nostalgic callbacks to the good ol' days

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