HALO Is BACK ON PC! Microsoft & Steam Team Up In A BIG Move For PC Gaming

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This is likely the start of something far larger than the Master Chief collection, especially when taken alongside the other rumours about Microsoft’s cross platform gaming plans.
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  1. Would be more interesting, if XBox would have the number of exclusives the PS has.
    Also I wouldn't be asking, if it's good for the consumer or only for the company. Instead I would be asking did the company do this to do something good for the consumers or did they only think about how much more money they could make.

  2. From my expirience with the Battlefield 5 Time-To-Kill and Time-To-Death settings it's the high Time-To-Kill which makes a game more casual and less punishing. It's a low Time-To-Kill which rewards the high skilled player with good aim and reflexes

  3. EGS: where taking down previously titles on Steam and making them EGS only
    Steam: smsh bru you got nothing did you hear where getting HALO!!!!! say goodbye to your playerbase
    EGS: do you have a noose ?

  4. when halo stoped being on pc after the first one it was really sad 🙁 hate xbox and couldnt play one of my moste favorite games anymore really happy that ill be able to play more of it on pc

  5. My God it just suddenly, it just… It feels like the gaming industry is having a redemption arc! Is 2019 is the resurgence of "Gamer's First"?! Bless Microsoft for this announcement, the move to PC was huge enough, but to slap reach in there and then make it a powermove with Steam is just perfect

  6. Think about what people could build on console with forge, now times that by millions with all the modders and builders who pc players exclusivly this is going to be insane

  7. I'm excited to finally experience Halo for the first time, i got my first Xbox back in 2005 and i strangely never played any of the games, also had a 360 but again i just missed out on the games, i suppose looking back i wasn't really a "gamer" until i got my PC. Lol

  8. Finally you can play Halo with good control (seriously, aiming with a controller? Damned, that's crap! Yes, you can do it but chances are that a guy with a mouse will do it faster and better! Especially if you aren't used to a controller…I can't hit the frontside of a damn barn with a controller!) and on a good system (note: I am not a PC-Master-Race kind of guy who says other people are "console-peasants", but I still think that the PC is the better system but I have no problem admitting that it is also the more expensive plattform (unless you buy tons of games, since console games are more expensive!)) 🙂

    Hope they'll get it done soon, I want to start taking names and kicking Covie-Ass! ("I am here to kick ass and chew bubble gum – AND I AM ALL OUT OF GUM!" 😀 )

    They are also adding another Halo-Game (was it Halo: Reach?) to the MCC for PC 🙂 and they are releasing them staggered (maybe to polish them some more and do a better port…fingers crossed! Because bad ports just SUCK!) in chronological (in game chronology, not release date!) order!

    Not for me! I didn't like it much (as in: I didn't care for it!), but I had no problems with it (still hate that it doesn't work anymore and I can't play the older (and good!) Bioshock Games anymore (didn't care for the latest installment much, 1 and 2 is where it's at IMHO!))

  9. God ive always been a ps guy but i always been sad to not be able to play Halo… This is THE GREATEST THING COULD HAPPEN im very happy and cant wait to play all those campaigns!

  10. Big Halo fan here. I don't know if I'll get MCC for PC since I've already played through it all for XBox, but we'll see. If they have a big enough online community I might be swayed. Also, Reach was the best in the series, it's a no brainer for me if they include it in MCC for PC.

  11. Damn halo has been in a rut for a long time I think we are witnessing a rebirth here when halo tops the steam charts we may see a revival of old school FPS arena shooters.

  12. Microsoft created the xbox and sold it practically at cost. The purpose of the Xbox was to kill the profitability of the game console industry. Why? Because Microsoft was worried about the game console industry interfering with the Wintell domination of the PC industy.
    Source: Harvard Business Review

  13. Cross-play between PC and console has an easily solution in just giving Xbox players the ability to opt-out of cross-play if they really want to. Gears 4 on PC does this pretty well.

  14. this is great news for me, i only ever played Halo: Combat Evolved which was a rather good game for that time IMO and it was the only Halo game on PC and since i dont play on consoles i never got back to the series. With this, i will finally get to see how the story progressed further

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