Gun Violence: Is Now the Right Time to Talk? | NYT Opinion

Being a politician is tricky in America: With a shooting happening nearly every day, there never seems to be a right time to talk about gun reform. This satirical commercial imagines an app that uses a cutting edge algorithm (or really, simple data) to calculate exactly when to talk about gun control.

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  1. The real problem is the anti-gun crowd doesn't want to talk. They just want to ban all guns. And, that's not going to happen. Didn't need their snark to figure that out.

  2. Give up guns & give up your rights. Laws don’t work. Look at DC, New York, Oakland, LA, Chicago. Criminals don’t care about laws. If you want to stop gun deaths you have to go after the most commonly used gun. Handguns. And you’d have to have them all turned in because there are like 250 million of them. And still criminals will have them. It won’t solve anything accept your ability to defend yourself.

  3. I actually think this would be a great app idea to implement. I think a big problem with this whole argument is that not enough people know about everything that goes into it. But getting reminded to talk about it could help us all just to come to the table and start figuring out solutions on both local and national scales.

  4. All NRA members need to go to Russia where there are NO gun rights. The biggest threat to the 2nd amendment in the USA are people who respond to the mass shooting of children with "False Flag!!!!" and "Crisis Actors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". Responding to the very mention of the idea of having a "conversation" about guns with "They're comin for our guns!!!!!!!!!!!!" "No one's gonna ban guns in the USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" is just plain stupid and immoral. It helps our enemies who want chaos and enmity in the USA. No one is talking about banning guns. No one ever has. We just want to be able to talk about it and be reassured that everyone cares more about the lives of children than their AKs. Common sense. Get some.

  5. From the description that accompanies the video: "This satirical commercial imagines an app that uses a cutting edge algorithm (or really, simple data) to calculate exactly when to talk about gun control. "
    The video doesn't make the point explicitly.

  6. most of the gun related deaths are suicides, a fact that 'media' outlets such as the NY Times conveniently leaves out. I have no doubt that if you ban guns, people will still find other methods to commit violent crime and suicide. For example, take a look at the violent crime knife rate in London (a place that doesn't allow guns, even for police). Anti gun lobbyists also never investigate cases where murders, home invasions and rapes were prevented through the use of a firearm. I have no doubt if guns are banned in most areas, such as they are now in NYC, the wealthy and politically connected will still be able to purchase guns and get concealed carry permits. The reason Democrats are deliberately not addressing illegal gun violence in America's cities, is because it bolsters support from their voters to ban guns nationally.

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