Gucci Mane Album, Did Drake Make Gaming ‘Cool?’ Is Jacquees the ‘King of R&B?’ | Everyday Struggle

On Tuesday’s (Dec. 11) episode of #EverydayStruggle, Nadeska, Wayno and DJ Akademiks kick off the show giving their review on Gucci Mane’s latest album release ‘Evil Genius.’ The crew shares with viewers their favorite Gucci songs off the project and praise the rap OG for his work with the younger crop of Atlanta artists. After Gucci’s LP review, the crew shares their thoughts on Ninja’s recent Variety interview where the famed gamer claims that Drake “helped push gaming to…


  1. KING OF RnB is without a doubt my bruh CHRIS BROWN.
    Theres no one out there that can even come close to my bruh CB. Chris Brown is the best performer alive and comes second to the KING OF POP Micheal Jackson.

  2. If ya'll really heard what Ak and Wayno was sayin they don't think Drake necessarily made gaming "cool." The title of this video is dumb, but personally I think he just hyped up Fortnite which has BEEN popular and shit I play all kinds of games and put em in my raps not even just 2k, COD, Red Dead (I don't even play Fortnite)

  3. King of RNB
    Gold Generation
    Prince,Micheal J,Stevie Wonder,Marvin Gaye,James Brown,Lionel R
    2000s Generation
    Chris B,Trey S,Ne-yo,Usher,R-Kelly,Pharrell,John L
    Now Generation
    The Weekend,Bryson T,Bruno M,Miguel,Jacquees,Daniel Ceasar

    In my opinon RNB (King) Coversations

  4. You right wayno ….. Drake the only dude who looked nerdy as a kid 🙄we all looked nerdy at one point in our life as a kid … wayno just mad that Toronto heavy on the music scene and them jay z days are dead and gone🏆

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