Guatemalan toddler who died after ICE detention subject of $60 million legal claim

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Mariee Juarez’s mother alleges the medical care she received at the Texas detention facility was “woefully inadequate, neglectful, and substandard.”


  1. Wow I knew there was going to be some sort of lawsuit.
    Trump needs to understand that he needs to immediately deport all illegal border crossers or else they all will be filing suit to bankrupt us

  2. Every person blaming this parent. MY GOD, A child lost their life.!!!! God values life, babies are precious to God. May you repent for your wicked, vicious, unmerciful comments. May you cry out to God and he hear you and you turn from unforgiveness. Bitter comments and Harsh criticisms.
    ITS ONLY BY THE GRACE OF GOD YOU ARE BORN HERE. THOSE THAT ARE UNFORGIVING, UNMERCIFUL, UNGRATEFUL… WOE UNTO THEM….WOE unto you who hide behind false names and post ungodly wickedness…
    Please …. REPENT…
    Ps. Dont bother trying to intimidate me with your snide remarks and ignorant comments….. Been a Medical Assistant for 10 years and a Nurse for 10 years , heard it all and SEEN more. It doesnt faze me. Plus I have a 24 yr old.
    Its not too much you can say that would surprise me…… BE BLESSED, ACCEPT JESUS

  3. Ok new plan thow out the idea to build a wall and instead build a tunnel under the country to canada its a win for Republicans win for democrats and a win for the immigrants running from there messed up countries and canada probably won't even care that work for everyone

  4. This mom admitted bringing her child illegally was worth the risk! Fleeing because of an abusive husband, everywhere in the world there’s abuse and almost all don’t flee their country knowing there will be a risk to your child’s life! Blaming ICE or medical staff is so much easier then blaming yourself! She made the decision to flee knowing the risks just as well as boarding the plane before making sure her child was well enough. When I was a young mom, my son was 4, who had a high fever so I took him to the emergency, the doctor gave him Tylenol and released him. I love my son enough so I stood my ground in the waiting room calling his pediatrician’s who met me in the waiting room and check him right then and there. They both ordered test and he was admitted and stood in the hospital for 8 days with a bad sinus infection in his 4 chambers. She loved her daughter but she took a huge risk, she made that initial decision that she has to live with and not put the blame on ICE or medical staff.

  5. How many women have abusive husbands in the US? And how many men have abusive wives; YES violet abusive wives? But they don’t follow that up with doing something like entering some country illegally. And why wasn’t Mexico good enough? Such BS


  7. Maybe you shouldn’t illegally cross the border. This is all the mothers fault, ICE is just enforcing the law. They aren’t obligated to provide medical care to the illegals arrested.

  8. So sad. Americans should be looked at as all races. Sick children, and all humans, illegal or not, should be taken care of 100% to the ability of the provider. If you care about the color of people’s skin or where they are from, please save a life by NOT becoming a Doctor, RN, Surgeon or anything else that depends on someone’s life.
    Now, if none of the above happened and they truly thought it was something any Americans child could have received and can honestly say that’s what they would have done for their own child, then I hope the mother can see that and live at peace with her daughters death. I hope she can see she’s now away from an abusive relationship and start to pick up all the pieces for a better life in the future.

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