GT Sport | July Update Confirmed + Possibly a New Track!

Kazunori Yamauchi tweeted out a video on his usual cryptic manner, confirming a new update is coming by the end of July.

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  1. I honestly have zero clue what it could be. What I DO appreciate though is the fact that there is a teaser at the beginning of the month for an end-of-the-month update. I’m really hoping it is either a classic track or a really long track for cruising.

  2. Hi again friend! I'm just like you, I have no idea what it is, even by playing every GT game and knowing everything about the series. This teaser is definitely being showed on a different way than it was with the previous updates, but once again, it seems to be something completely new for me.
    Yes, I would love to see more than ever the return of the classics, such as Deep Forest, Trial Mountain, Grand Valley…
    Speaking of Grand Valley, some people are arguing about this bridge being Grand Valley's bridge, but honestly it's way too long and they wouldn't change the bridge iconic styling to this, which unfortunately makes me pass the Grand Valley opportunity 😟

  3. Theres a possibility of the Pikes peak hill climb coming to the game along with the Volkswagen I.D.R Pikes peak and the Bentley Bentayga Pikes peak, considering they both have gran turismo banners on the windshield.

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