GOP senator on 2016 election: Dumpster fire

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) discusses President Trump’s tweet where he blamed his Attorney General Jeff Sessions for the indictments of two GOP lawmakers.


  1. I think Trump was talking about draining the swamp that way he will employ the mud under the swamp! Look at all his senior cabinet officials, they are just as dirty and corrupt as the mud under the swamp!!

  2. Wow Ben, I might take you a little more seriously if you actually did one of the MOST important things a Senator can do. Place a check on executive power. Your unwillingness to do that seems to make you one of the 'broken members' of a very broken and dysfunctional congress. Why not walk across the aisle and see how many Democrats might be willing to vote with you on that?

  3. Voting for Conservative policies doesn't make you a bad person or any less American…..What Senator Sasse is saying should clearly be supported by all sane people. We need to get rid of corruption in BOTH PARTIES!

  4. This guy is all talk. He votes with Trump over 86% if the time. Including voting for all the corrupt cabinet officials (that he now has a problem with) like DeVos, Pruit, Mnuchin, Price, etc. He only cares about corruption after his donors get their tax breaks.

  5. I live in Nebraska and sadly Ben Sasse has a history of saying one thing, but doing the opposite. He'll condemn a person then the next day vote for them. He'll criticize a bill then turn around and vote for it. He may not be a typical republican, but he sure votes like one.

  6. Thank God for President Trump. If he had not exposed the Clinton crime family for what it was the Liberal Mental Disorder ( L.M.D. ) would not have been so easily diagnosed. And certainly CNN would still be pretending to be an actual ' News organization ". Imagine that.
    Now the Democrat's can get back to focusing on burning more cars , beating more conservatives in the name of ' Peace ' and…. Making America Venezuela Again "

  7. Hey Ben Sasse. Why are you just talking about this NOW? Because the mid-term elections are almost here. You cannot be trusted. You take 2 years to talk about Trump not showing us his tax returns. Go back and continue being silent about your President Pussy Grabber.

  8. Do not trust this guy. He says a lot. Does nothing. Watch actions, not words. He's another Flake.
    His last interview, he mentioned "free speech on college campuses"… this is a priority for him? This a fn joke? Quit wasting everyone's fn time with your altreich nonsense.

  9. Elizabeth Warren switched her ethnicity to Native American based on some family photo to get her job .
    She's whiter than I am …
    Also since I have Cherokee blood myself , and would never change my ethnicity from white …I think she is as disgraceful as Mad Maxine

  10. Who are you people from CNN are sick bitch bitch pound pound bitch bitch pound negative negative pound pound, can't wait till the revolution hopefully all you idiots will be history.

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