Google Stadia wants to be the Netflix of gaming

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Google’s Stadia cloud gaming platform will let you stream console and PC-quality titles across laptops, desktops, TVs, tablets, and phones. At launch, Google says it will support up to 4K at 60 fps, and it will work on any screen so long as you have a Chrome browser or Chromecast Ultra. Google’s building the Netflix of video games and the company has the software and infrastructure to pull it off. But, there are still a lot of open questions.

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  1. Role out Google Fibre in low internet speed Countries first.
    Then once most people are, or have access to wired, gigabit per second Internet or beyond.
    Then proceeded to lunch Stadia.

    Outerwise this will surely fail to gain widespread adoption.

    It also just so happens that most of the world's internet infrastructure is inadequate for the 21st-centry. Most Internet infrastructure is ether Cooper-fiber hybrid or low throughput fibre.

    Google is one of the few companies with the resources available to outlay Internet infrastructure sufficient for the 21st-century across the planet.

    Not only would this be good for humanity.
    The profit generation would be astronomical. Upon recouping the cost of the outlay of the infrastructure.

  2. even when playing with my wireless controller (ps4 joystick) i can feel the lag vs when it's wired.
    and you want to make the controller talk with a server miles away -_-

  3. PS Now is pretty good for me. Granted I’m playing on a blazing gigabit hardwired connection and I still get ping spikes…plus I’d never play anything multiplayer on there…but it’s been a great way of catching up on old Sony titles.

  4. 4k is only as good as the wires or wireless router used. Most computers can't even produce 4k. Most homes, especially if it was built 5 yrs ago, don't even incorporate cat6 cable. Just because you have a 4k tv, doesn't mean you'll be using or seeing a 4k picture. Yet they (tech industry) keeps trying to sell you 4k goods. It's bogus. Now Google wants to control your tv, internet, and gaming all in the could? No thanks, I'll keep my computer and consoles. I'll also keep control of my own usage (as much control as we actually have.) I'm tired of getting spammed at every turn.

  5. I think you're severely underestimating just how good Google's data centers are, and just how many connections they have in the industry. Google runs their own internet service called Fiber. They have one of the largest fiber backbones out of any tech company in the world. They've been building data centers for longer than Amazon/AWS, and they have better custom chips for special cases like AI (cloud TPUs). Google also has a history of being the first to technological innovation, and I don't doubt that that's going to be the case with this.

  6. With the second stream going to Youtube at full high res it seems like it would make streaming with this a must in the future. Also it seems like it will make Twitch streams look very low quality in comparison.

  7. Nigerian 'prince' emails are still massively successful because there are massive number of gullible people.

    you don't pay now for things that sound too good to be true, but you will definitely pay later.

  8. If Google does somehow manage to pull this off. It'd be very smart if they don't create some application for this to run on iOS. Something like this is truly groundbreaking and if it was an Android exclusive, well that's way better than some stupid Animojis. With 5G coming just around the corner, support on mobile devices might be feasible.

  9. Points that always seem to take a backseat to the obvious lag concerns:

    -Don't own the games like you do a physical copy or local storage
    -will be indefinitely paying $$$$ per day/week/month for the "Games as a service" 
    -takes up bandwidth from other media devices that is being used in the house
    -Net Neutrality gutted by ISPs will start offering "speed" packages
    -commercials/adds/marketing before, during, after and in game sessions.

    The games industry so far:

    -games as a service
    -Loot boxes
    -season passes
    -F2P/P4F/FREEMIUM egregious micro transaction models
    -online only single player games, gutting split screen, lan play (to force you to use online services)

    It doesn't end and only seems to get worse.

  10. It just isn't going to work. The idea is great but honestly very few people have the internet speed for things like this. What I would prefer is a small console that can be connected to different devices using different inputs, for example if you wanted to play on your phone you could buy a case that connects the console to the back of your phone and a small connector casting the gameplay to your phone. And when you play on TV you can just leave it on a stand and connect it to your TV using HDMI. I'm talking a console the size of a power bank that could be used in many ways depending on the gamers preference. The idea of this streaming games to your phone is a good idea but I honestly don't think that when it comes down to it, people are gonna wanna play competitive games when they are completely relying on their internet speed.

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