God Of War 4 – Kratos Vs Thor Brother Final Boss Fight + SECRET Ending PS4 2018

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f War 4 – Kratos Vs Thor Brother Final Boss Fight + SECRET Ending PS4 2018
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  1. Lol "Thor's brother" i think you mean Baldur. You only made that the name so people would see "vs thor" and think. "Omg he fights thor" and then watch the video to be disappointed that it is a god not many know about

  2. Kratos will either come close to dying, or actually die, and Atreus will find a way to resurrect him. If there are really a total of five planned games, then there's no way we're not going to visit other geographical locations, where other pantheons reside. It just wouldn't feel right without Kratos there. I am not against playing as Atreus/Loki for parts of a game, as variety is good for any game, but making him the new, permanent protagonist is just dumb. Kratos is and always will be the God of War. It's like if you made Raiden and main protagonist of Metal Gear SOLID after MGS2. There is only one Solid and that's Solid Snake.

  3. Ragnarok behind with Baldurs death. Freya and Odin put the curse of the undying to keep Ragnarök from beginning. But the Loki breaks that curse with an arrow of mistletoe fletching to Baldurs leg. This kills him, starting Ragnarök. That's one thing that God of War got wrong. Freya didn't put the curse on Baldur because she wanted him to be safe. She (and Odin) wanted him to stay alive so that the end times did not come

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