"God is a good lead to look into societies" – BBC News

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The career of the acclaimed Iranian photojournalist Abbas has spanned more than four decades and has taken him from the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City to perhaps the greatest boxing match of all time — Muhammad Ali versus George Foreman. But it is his documentation of religion and its influence on culture, that’s perhaps the most personally relevant to Abbas. An avowed atheist, Abbas says it is his failure to comprehend religious fervour, that motivates him. He spoke to the BBC ‘s Dan Damon about a retrospective of his religious work, called ‘Children of Abraham,’ at the University of Pennsylvania’s Arthur Ross Gallery
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  1. I think we are all showing a very basic human weakness here. We like to find and sprout a very simple answer to complex questions. God (or religion) is not good or bad, in the same way greed is not good or bad. They have uses. Much that is bad comes about because of greed, but so does capitalism and free market economies. Greed is a characteristic. On its own, it is neither good nor bad, it is like thirst or hunger, or lust. I think religion is much the same. Very good and very bad things have been done in the name of, but that is down to the people who did those things and their claim for some kind of religious excuse, or explanation for the act of service they performed.

  2. It is so sad how ALL religions are painting God to be Evil. God never cares for religions. God is God for eveything and not for retarded people with retarded religions. In God I trust on religions I spite.

  3. God has nothing to do with any man made religions which are all corrupted now anyway, so looking to brainwashed religious people to define God is not only ridiculous but the height of stupidity. God never told mankind to go to war with each other based on their own "beliefs", God never told mankind to bomb babies or be motivated by greed and a lust for power and domination over others. Money is the God of mankind and even their religious organizations are now the richest on the planet just look at the corrupted vatican. So all you people here blaming God for your own lack and apathy are pathetic, your planet and people are this way because YOU choose it everyday you allow your corrupted governments and churches to continue to control you and your minds….and finally you atheists are the most fearful and bitter of all, why would people who don't believe in God even be here commenting if it wasn't through fear of that truth. Atheism is just a belief, you are no different than a religious person, just denying something doesn't make you smarter or an intellectual because you still can't explain how you were perfectly formed randomly from nothing, just saying God doesn't exist doesn't make it truth.

  4. Laughable BBC trying to equate the "troubles" in the north of Ireland with a religious war. Though I can understand you would equate it with a religious war seeing as you think anyone who doesn't want to be ruled by your constitutional monarchy must be a heretic.

  5. what the unbelieving photographer is doing is his choice . What he and many others do is lump all the religions leads to the same god, that is a lie cause they all worship different gods and false gods…..the only true living GOD is JESUS CHRIST and he is the only way to heaven because JESUS died and rose again for us our sin to be forgiven. all other religions outside of JESUS lead to nowhere except apart from GOD and into outer darkness and separation from GOD(HELL) so please seek out JESUS CHRIST now while you are alive because an eternity awaits us all.

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