George P. Bush reflects on grandfather’s legacy

George P. Bush speaks about his grandfather’s political legacy and why he requested President Trump attend his funeral.


  1. I used to be stupid and brainwashed. These people are bought and paid for by the NWO Elites. Do your research and stop being brainwashed by the MSM and propaganda CNN. Jimmy Dore Show is one of a good source plus X22 reports – Judicial Watch – Victor D Hanson – Abby Martin – Charles Ortel – Project Veritas – ETC. #Walkaway Korean-American

  2. George p bush is a bush let me see bush =white and George p bush is Hispanic ohh damm I forgot Jeb Bush was desperate and married a Hispanic woman and all the other bush married white people hell no I would never marry a Hispanic or a black person my family is all white if you ain’t white then you ain’t right

  3. This,man as class it,looks,like,he knows that,thats,what poletitians do talk bad about each others bery,polyt,love this man he looks like a good one God bless both families truamp,and,busch,

  4. His grandfather was ashamed that he was part Mexican and didn’t like being seen in public with him. The self hatred of this man is sad knowing he will never be a Bush but still pretending he’s part of the family. Pathetic!

  5. I was waiting to see this classless woman anchor asks a stupid question to ask Mr. Bush about President Trump. I noticed about her that she needs to be medicated. She has a disease in her mind.

  6. People, viewers of YouTube, ask Google owned YouTube to add the ability for each viewer to block the comments section while viewing the video content. I want to not be exposed to the spam or degrading evil comments being posted under the videos I want to watch. Also, I don't want that crazy constant stream of lies and bots spam that spew untruths and political or religious based comments to be read by my young family members. Many have no idea of the truth or the historical reality of stories/news. Send your comments or requests to Google and/ or YouTube. I'm to the point I will stop watching YouTube if they don't allow each of us the ability to control the content we wish to view, minus the comments if we wish. That's why I watch PBS videos, no comments allowed!

  7. Brief list of George H. W. Bush accomplishments:
    1. Succeeded in intentionally sabotaging the rescue mission of the american hostages in Iran in 1979.
    2. Had a role in the 1963 government coup d'etat assassination of president John F. Kennedy.
    3. Ordered another coup d'etat assassination attempt on president Ronald Reagan in 1981 while Bush was vice-president.
    4. Orchestrated the Iran-Contra scandal when he was president for eight hours while Reagan was in prostate surgery.
    5. Signed the deaths warrants of millions of american by entering the U.S. in the United Nation's AGENDA 21 de-populization program.
    6. Pedophile by torturing children for mind-control conditioning for intelligence agency experiments.
    7. Used his sons to commit crimes of treason including murder, drug running, and domestic terrorism.

    … do you feel about your grandfather now 'George P"?

  8. To. CNN. Would you plse forward this comment to George P Bush.

    Hello George P, Bush: I am sorry for u lose your g-Father. God will bless him rest
    and peach! I would like to tell u that you fortune is very good for luck life. U have
    a big ear likes Obama, but u ear look more nice than his ear, and u have a big
    head too. It mean u have a big brain, Thus, u are smart, and success at u
    young age. The man have a look likes you ways, it mean you will be very bright
    for u future. I will waiting for u in the white house soon, keep going.
    U father have luck look too, but he face a little short than you face. U have a
    square face , and enough long. I believe that you will rich the top dream soon.
    God bless all of your family. This is my third comment to W Bush President.
    One, when President Trump paid respect for u G-father. Second comment is
    same page w/ BoB schieffer report of his reflects about u _G-father political life.

  9. Lets ask if Bush forgives Obama for all his lies and bullshit in 2008 moving forward. Obama was disgusting blaming W for everything and yet the media said nothing. Where was CNN?

  10. The media slaughtered Bush and Reagan and in 2004 the media did all they could to help Kerry and now they act so phony. Liberals are so phony and such liars.

  11. George Bush Wanted The ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT…AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER…(NWO)…Like Obama is part of the DEEP STATE ISSUE…But The Media Won't Tell You The Truth America…they give you what you want to Hear…the media is feeding you from the PIG BEN OF LIES

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