Gaming News – Episode 3

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PlayStation News:

Sony shows us what’s left for 2017 in latest video:

The Last of Us Outbreak Day 2017 features new PS4 theme, poster & more:

PS Store sale September 26, 2017 now live, features “PS+ Specials”:

Breaking Bad star Byran…


  1. Don't blame u, I retired from Call of duty too, the only games I'm hyped about is Sonic Forces (story for me actually not gameplay), God of War PS4, Kingdom hearts 3 actually, and Spider-Man PS4

  2. Love the channel bro..way to keep it in need of that uncharted 4..only one i havent played..i know what an idiot just been so many dam bad xbox dont have that up the good work..

  3. The moment i got the notification of a new Ryan vidéo its rolling blunt Time and i watch it 🙂 your the best keep Up the good work as always Bro :p

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