Galaxy S10 Video Stabilization Tested: "Super Steady" vs DJI Osmo Mobile 2

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  1. A mini tripod and smartphone clamp would improve the super steady footage further. A gimbal however wins every time. I've run, jumped, and been on a trampoline with the Osmo mobile 2 & S10+ – buttery smooth. The ultra wide is fantastic on the gimbal (once you realise it must be Flashlight mode otherwise the gimbal arm is in the shot).

  2. I think you should've tested both in 1080p, the super steady mode is basically made for a regular user and not for a content creator. It sacrifices a bit of quality for that amazing stabilization which is good if you are taking video of your pets or your kids but that's it. Gimbal is still better for a creator but if Samsung can bring this tech to 4k and to a better quality video, I'm sure it will be one hell of a feature. I think a better sensor for that wide angle lens will allow that, maybe next year or for the Note 10.

  3. Gimbal obviously still looks better, especially because it can record 4k. But the super steady is very impressive and amazing in a pinch seeing as having a gimbal with you at all times is a little difficult.

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