1. Its such a shame the more moderate democrats who at the least were willing to negotiate have been all but silenced, terrified of the P.C. monster they've created, by conflating Trump as some sort of Hitleresque foriegn agent they exploit people's sense of common decency, no one wants to support a leader thats been compared to the most evil figures in history. Trump was right when he called CNN fake news. I mean does Anybody ever notice how many ex-CIA analysts and officials are commentators on CNN? Seems odd to have so many commentators that are trained in trade craft, disseminating disinformation being a critical skill in that training. At least FOX news never shyed away from being labeled as having a conservative lean.

  2. Liars! Your made-up Russia collusion was just that, made up by the FAKE media like CNN. Camarote, lay off the lip injections. You can barely move your upper injected lip. Here you are, trying to deceit your 300 viewers with more lies because the lie you feed them for two years, never came to fruition. Fake News!

  3. After all the treachery that has been proven against Obama James Clapper John Brennan James Comey Loretta Lynch William Barr requires upholding the rule of law making an example of these treacherous treasonous most despicable deep state actors to the full extent of our laws of our great and free country Hillary Clinton should have been in prison long ago

  4. Barack Obama the top echelons of his FBI and doj James Comey Loretta Lynch CNN main stream media and all their affiliates proven to be Liars and conspired to unseat our president elect Donald J Trump need to be held accountable these people need to be investigated indicted convicted and imprisoned for treason in the highest order

  5. Not guilty doesn't mean innocent – this guy sounds like Gotti – the wizard of Oz has spoken – this guy's truly dirty, rich and spoiled – it's coming for him, I believe in Karma

  6. standarts for integrity of president is so low, like in sub-saharian country.
    They don't care about illigal Hush money, PAC money, permanent lies about everysing, mafia-style conduct,
    "no collusion" and he is a Saint.
    What is wrong with your, people?

  7. Hey all you dumb Democrats, you all thought President Trump is guilty of Russian collusion, so now why are you all silent you dumb asses. It is now proved in the Mueller report that there is no Russian collusion, waste of 2 years of tax payers money. This could have helped in building the wall. FAKE NEWS CNN

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