Former President George W Bush pays tribute to his father – BBC News

Former President George W Bush, son of Bush Sr, began his tribute by talking about how well his father lived life.

“I once heard it is said of man that the idea is to die young as late as possible.”

“At age 85, a favourite pastime of George HW Bush was firing up his boat, The Fidelity, and opening up the three 300-power engines to fly across the Atlantic with the Secret Service boats straining to keep up.”

“At age 90, George H W Bush parachuted out of an aircraft and landed on the grounds of St Ann’s [Church] by the sea in Kennebunkport, Maine.”

The younger Bush added: “Mother liked to say he chose the location just in case the chute didn’t open.”

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“Dad could relate to people from all walks of life. He was an empathetic man. He valued character over pedigree, and he was no cynic. He looked for the good in each person and he usually found it.”

Bush Jr said his father taught him public service was noble and necessary.

“He strongly believed it was important to give back to the community and country… he recognised serving others enriched the giver’s soul.”


  1. This was a beautiful speech, it's just a shame that none of it was true. I'm sorry for the family's loss of course, but I can never forget the appalling atrocities that man has caused. All those vulnerable women & children whose lives have been destroyed forever, and all the lives taken by his actions, those are the people my love & sympathy are with. I know also that I shouldn't talk ill of the dead, so I won't. I'll search my soul for something kind to say instead. This is what I've come up with…….

    I'm on a fools errand.

  2. You people are sitting here gawking over a traitor that mentioned the new world order over 200 times during his presidency.
    Helped assassinate jfk.
    And betrayed his men in the military and let them die. Thats how he ended up on a raft in the ocean.
    He just ditched the plane he was flying WITH MEN ON BOARD without any warning and everyone on board except george hw bush died.

  3. One down, couple more generations to go and we’ll either be rid of this family or it will have inbread enough that it’ll join our royal family 🇬🇧

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